Give Risotto A Chance

Tonight I got home from the gym with a hunger that just wouldn't quit. Opening my fridge I was looking for something simple, comforting and hopefully using some ingredients from yesterday's gnocchi goodness. So I landed on a simple risotto.

Let me stop right there and take a moment to clear the air on this delightfully creamy and impossibly comforting dish (I'd liken it to the same feeling you get when you slip into warm fleece sweatpants in the middle of a particularly cold evening...a little bit of fantastic, right?). But sadly, I think risotto gets a bad rap because of this misunderstanding that it is complicated, time-consuming, and unhealthy. I'm here the clear up this risotto misunderstanding and secure it a spot on the weeknight dinner table.

I, for one, love risotto and frequently turn out batches of this perfect little showstopping dish year round, switching up my mix-ins based on what's currently in season. It took me a good deal of trial and error to develop this rich dish without the addition of butter or cream, mainly because I was looking for something a little edgier. Below is my recipe for basic risotto. It's up to you what you add to it. Be it meat (sausage goes particularly well) or veggies (I usually always put in a couple handfuls of frozen corn right before I serve this dish. It adds a sweet little pop.) The secret is in the 1-2 tbs of goat cheese that I add with the last cup of stock. Even if you don't care for goat cheese, don't skip this step. It instantly adds a impossibly thick consistency and gives the risotto the softest little tang. Simply put, it's delicious...

Basic Risotto-

1 c. arborio rice
3-4 c. chicken stock
1-2 tbs. crumbled goat cheese
Drizzle of Olive oil and a small pat of butter for the pan
Salt and pepper to taste

Bring chicken stock to a boil in one pan. In a separate pan, drizzle some oil and butter and add rice. Toast the rice on medium until translucent, approximately 2 mins. Be sure to stir frequently so the rice doesn't burn. Pour approximately 1 c. of the boiling chicken stock over the rice. Stir frequently until most of the stock is absorbed. Add another cup of boiling stock and stir until most liquid is dissolved. Rice will start to get thicker. Next, start adding stock by the 1/2 cup at a time until the rice is tender but still al dente. Don't worry if you don't use all of the stock. Add the goat cheese and salt and pepper to taste. The risotto will immediately get richer and creamy. Add any additional mix-ins. Serve immediately and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I will definately be trying that some time! Great idea. :)

Anonymous said...

This looks awesome, great idea!

Anonymous said...

i'm making this tomorrow night for a dinner party....wish me luck! my risotto is usually sticky, not creamy, but i'm thinking the goat cheese will help! thanks :)

barbara said...

Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog, and love it! I like your ideas and your spunk. I, too, have a small kitchen and as a single mom, I have a small budget, so consequently, myself and a SAHM created a blog as well, for the cooks pressed for time, money and creativity. www.7dinners70dollarsblogspot.com. I have risotto funghi on the menu tomorrow night, and I am going to follow your recipe(possibly minus goatcheese) so thanks.

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