An Overdue Introduction

It occurred to me that after 40 posts of pure passionate food love, I never stopped to introduce you to where all of my recipes come to life; my Small Boston Kitchen.  (Jeez, where are my manners?)  This little slice of space in my apartment is where I spend most of my time.  It is where I am the happiest.  No matter what life throws my way, there isn't much that can't be made better by putting on some good music and spending some time in my Small Boston Kitchen.  It is there for me, welcoming me home after a long day, inviting me to create, melting any stresses away like butter hitting a hot pan.

Without further adieu, Blogosphere, please allow me to introduce my Small Boston Kitchen:

Brightly colored and practically laid out, my kitchen is all mine.  It reflects me and my style.  Bright vintage art decorates this space and everything is bright cobalt blue and sunny orange in color.  I picked these colors because to me, they symbolize happiness and contentment with a hint of boldness.  And I think that mirrors the way one should feel when cooking.  Relaxed and happy but not afraid to take some chances and know that if it doesn't work out, the take-out menus are in the top drawer, on the left hand side.

My Small Boston Kitchen might lack excessive counter and shelf space, might have one of the smallest ovens I've ever seen  and some of the ugliest linoleum around, (and no dishwasher to boot!) but none of that matters.  You don't need a glamorously decked out kitchen to churn out irresistible dishes.  You just need to have some inspiration and the desire to make your own delicious creations.


Ryan Masciarelli said...

proof that sometimes great things do come in small packages...keep up the good work!

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Absolutely, thanks Ryan...TCB!!

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