Water Recovery = Turkey, Apple Cheddar Panini with Cranberry Mustard

Like most Bostonians, I am still trying to recover from this mess of a water situation.  It's amazing how much you miss that stuff when its not there or hard to come by.  Case in point, I was running all throughout Back Bay trying to find someone, (anyone!) who would sell me a cup of coffee yesterday.  I went to Dunkin's, Starbucks, Souper Salad and then finally struck gold at Au Bon Pain, who was brewing it, slowly but surely. I've gotta have my one cup a day....

To give you an idea of the pandemonium that ensued at the grocery stores, here's a shot I took with my Blackberry..
Shelves were literally wiped clean, down to the last bottle of any sort of liquid (soda, OJ, seltzer water, you name it, it was gone).  Notice the coolers above the barren shelves?  Oh, sweet, sweet irony.  And if this madness weren't enough, there is a heat wave blanketing the metro Boston area, bringing unseasonably high temperatures that make the presence of an ice cold glass of water missed even more.  Boston might be my home, but I am certainly not lovin' that dirty water!

So last night, I wanted something easy, delicious and that wouldn't require much water for cleaning.  Enter the humble turkey sandwich, twisted up a bit in true SBK form (pay no attention to the paper plates).  Although nothing super crazy here, this hit the spot.  I started with soft freshly baked sesame bread and smothered on a tangy cranberry honey mustard (see picture to the right, this stuff is awesome) and then added cheddar cheese, oven roasted turkey (I usually opt for a Boar's Head low sodium kind because it tastes a little more natural to me).  I also used refreshing green apples to punch up this plain-jane sandwich.  Thankfully, we got the "all-clear" on not having to boil water today, meaning things should be getting back to business as usual tomorrow.  I'm just looking forward to getting back to enjoying my morning cup of coffee and not having to boil water just to brush my teeth!

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MichellePC said...

Thankfully, I was in PA when the water shortage occurred - that's insane how empty those shelves were!!

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