I Want To Be A Regular

I am really glad that I don't live close to Sound Bites in Somerville because I'm pretty sure I would become a regular.  Sort of like Norm on Cheers but instead of having a bar stool and a beer, they would have a booth and an omelet waiting for me.  Everyone would know my name and they'd always be glad I came.  I'd get hi-fives as I walk in and slide into my booth.  Maybe there'd be a theme song even and I'd exchange a nod and smile with the waiter as I ask him how his Mom's doing.

Okay, clearly, I'm getting carried away in my little breakfast fantasy world but that's how much I liked it.  I immediately felt at home and totally in love with this place.  It's bright and quirky and so the type of place that I'd call my second home.  Only it's across the river into Somerville and that's a little too far for me to travel to in order to become a regular.  I'm also pretty sure that if I ate a daily breakfast like the I ordered here, I would be well on my way to plus size clothing.  So on second thought, maybe it's better that this place isn't too close.

I keep referring to Sound Bites as homey because it has that sort of quality to it.  You help yourself to your morning beverage of choice.  You want coffee?  You get up and grab a mug from the shelf and pour your own, making you feel like you should be barefoot and in your bathrobe, yawning and wiping the sleep out of your eyes.  The menu is great too, so much to chose from!  I'm totally an omelet girl and I opted to make my own and consisting of mushrooms, sausage and America cheese (American gets my vote for best cheese to pair with eggs, in case you were wonddering).  My breakfast came with toast (white or wheat) and hash browns.  Now I'd like to pause for a moment to talk about the hash browns.  These aren't your typical diner breakfast potatoes, no, no, no!  Instead, it's sort of like mashed potatoes shaped into a square and then fried on each side so its nice and crispy.  It was a quirky little take on your run of the mill hash brown and I totally dug it.  They were peppery and salty and crunchy, what a great way to shake up breakfast a little.
If omelets aren't your morning meal of choice, they also offer several pancake/French toast/egg selections as well.  You'd be hard pressed not to find something on the menu that makes you immediately start to salivate, it was just that good.

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