Come As You Are

Congratulations, Seattle, you've earned yourself another fan.  And a big one at that.  Even in my dizzily exhausted, red-eyed, post-traveling state, I can't help but feel deeply inspired and totally in awe at how darn cool Seattle is and how amazing my brief trip to the left coast was.  I was fortunate enough to spent all day yesterday walking all over Seattle's fine (albeit very surprisingly steep) city streets, fully immersing myself into all the local culture and distinctly unmistakable vibe that makes it such a unique city.  Smiling in the bright sunlight, sipping one of the best coffees I've ever tasted (a rosemary latte with foam so thick it was difficult to drink), I fell in love with this city.  Seattle has an certain air about it; relaxed, varied by uniqueness, bustling with excitement, yet mellow all at the same time and the people make you feel as if you not only belong there, but that you've always been there.

At the risk of sounding stereotypical, I felt that when trying to summarize Seattle, Nirvana sums it up well with the phrase "come as you are".   I found myself thinking of this simple little line frequently throughout the daytime wanderings.  Be it an energetic tourist with a camera slung around his neck, a hiking and outdoors enthusiast, a grungy hipster, or struggling musician, artist, philosopher, super star coffee barista or whatever the case may be, you can almost feel the city extend its welcome, inviting you to "come as you are", take it all in and most importantly, enjoy it.

Being so inspired, I took about a bazillion pictures over the course of the weekend and wanted to share some of my favorites that I think summarize the trip and I've sorted them by using just a couple of adjectives that I think beautifully sum up my four day trip to Seattle.






Oh Seattle, you're such a wonderful city.  Thank you for four beautifully fantastic days.  Now, it's back to trying to sleep off this jet lag and summoning up the motivation to unpack.


Daisy said...

Great description of the city and awesome pictures. Sounds like my kinda place. I'd really love to visit some day!

Megan said...

I really can't wait to visit Seattle. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of it! And a rosemary latte sounds sooo good!

ashleigh said...

Rosemary latte? That sounds AMAZING!

Great recap Katie! I have never been to Seattle. It looks like you had a blast and got to savor quite a bit in your short trip!

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Thanks all! I loved Seattle, if you haven't been I'd definitely make it a point to go. And if you have been, go again! Just make sure you invite me :)

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