A Surprisingly Delicious Lunch At The Lansdowne Pub

If you were to ask me to list my top 5, heck, top 3 favorite spots in Boston, Fenway would definitely show up on that list (and it would probably even rank a little higher in the summer).  It's funny though, I usually don't target this area for a eating destination unless some sort of sporting event is involved and I am just realizing now what a big mistake that is.  Fenway needs a second glance.  I recently dined at the Lansdowne Pub (http://www.lansdownepubboston.com/flash/) and ya know what?  It was kinda good!  Being a Boston girl, I do love a good Irish bar and the fact that you have a nice little view of Fenway doesn't hurt either.  It's got that standard Irish bar feel to it.  Kind of dark and rustic looking but filled with loud laughter.  It's a nice alternative to standard game fare.

The menu itself is pretty typical a pretty straightforward for a Irish restaurant.  Hearty stews, pot pies, lamb, bangers and mash, etc.  But what really caught my eye was the Ploughman's Lunch, which featured a mess of tangly mixed greens, fresh salted roma tomato and cucumber slices, two triangles of brown Irish bread, a healthy portion of sliced roast beef and turkey, two triangles of Irish Cheddar Cheese (Whew, that was a lot!).  It was all rustically served on a wooden cutting board and accompanied by a tomato chutney and oddly addicting pickled vegetable spread.  It reminded me of an Irish Antipasto of sorts.

The meal itself was so fun!  I love when I can play with my food and try different bits of this with different pieces of that.  It was kinda like having my own little deli shop, right in front of me.  And I was in heaven and I'll admit, even a little surprised at the freshness and quality of the meal.  The veggies were crisp and fresh and the meats were legit.  No slimy over processed cheap-o deli meats here!  And all of this cost a mere $13!  It really was the perfect dinner.  I left feeling full, but a comfortable full.  I also vowed to come back in the winter time to sample out some of their heartier dishes.  Although, it will be hard not to get that Ploughman's Lunch again.  Man, that hit the spot!

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Boston Food Diary said...

Mmm it was SO delicious!!!! I was just thinking about it on my way into work this morning!

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