Wedding Weekend Fun (and lots of great eats!)

Meeting up with old friends is the best, isn't it?  You can sort of put aside whatever is currently going on in life and revert back to younger and more carefree years, or at least laugh about them.  I was lucky enough to have some of the best college roommates around.  Annually, we get together for a reunion and this year our little get together was at one of our weddings.  How special it was to be there and to be a part of it all, especially when I remember when Kelly met her husband, Bernie, in English class, junior year.  She was head over heels about this guy and on Saturday, we watched them get married.

The weekend started on Friday night in Providence at the Temple Bar, which was in the basement of our hotel.  It was a fun little bar with Mediterranean influences as well as subtle reminders of the building's historic roots.  The building was slated to be a Masonic Temple but apparently, they lost funding and the deserted building was a huge spot for local graffiti artists.  The juxtaposition of wrought iron Masonic symbols mixed with large murals of graffiti softened by that Mediterranean feel of fluffy pillows and couches and illuminating candles make this a uniquely fun place to visit.  The food was good as well.  We all split a tomato, basil and mozzarella flatbread and the Temple Mezze Platter, which was spanakopita, spiced carrots and pita bread served with three dips (Tzatiki, baba ghanoush and hummus).  In addition to the flatbread and Mezze platter, we also ordered pork kabobs that were served with a saffron rice and wilted spinach.  The kabobs had a great cumin flavor to them and they were nice and tender.

After a fun Friday evening, it was time for some marrying to happen!  Aren't they just the cutest?!

And after the "I do's" it was pahhhty time!

And of course, along with partying we ate.  Lots.  The meal was outstanding.  We started with a light salad for romaine lettuce and sweet grilled peaches topped by blue cheese crumbles.

Next, I had an oh so tender, could-have-been-cut-with-fork herb-crusted filet mignon that resting on top of a bed of deliciously creamy sun-dried  tomato risotto and asparagus spears.  It was so good, I ate every bite.

After the dinner, we all got our groove on and danced the night away.  In fact, I was so busy shakin' my booty and cuttin' a rug that I forgot to get a piece of cake!

Whew!  What a fun weekend, can't believe it's over already.  It was so great seeing my college girls and am already looking forward to our next little meet up, which is rumored to be this spring, I hear?

Very best wishes to Kelly and Bernie on their new life together!  Congratulations, love you both!

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Meghan@travelwinedine said...

You look so pretty, and it all looks so fun! Congrats to your friends!

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Thanks so much Meghan, it was a fun weekend with close friends and GREAT food. Those weekends are the best, aren't they?

Boston Food Diary said...

So glad it was such a fun weekend! Meghan is so right- you looked gorgeous- thanks for sharing the weekend with us!

Lizzy said...

So much fun!! I went to Temple after my first marathon in May! I loved the food! I stayed in that hotel too : )

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