Flavor of the Month: Halloween Special

In honor of Halloween weekend, this month's Coffee For Less "Flavor of the Month" post is rather festive, and it seems rather fitting to take time out this morning to indulge in a little cup of pumpkin spice coffee, don't you think? Not to mention, I have an extra special "treat" to celebrate the end of a month long challenge of eating unprocessed foods: my personal all-natural recipe for the best cup of coffee.  It was a month in the making so you know it's going to be good!

Getting back to the coffee, I've honestly loved every flavor of k-cup variety that Coffee for Less has sent me, but this month's flavor was out of this world good and my absolute favorite.  Like pretty much every other New Englander, I am obsessed with all things pumpkin, especially this time of year.  When the air starts to get that chilly bite to it and the leaves start to turn from green to vibrant oranges, reds and yellows, there is nothing else I'd like to have keeping my hands warm than a cup of cinnamony, pumpkiny deliciousness and this hit the spot.  I even found myself taking a few of these k-cups with me to work (there is also a k-cup machine there) so that I can enjoy this flavor of coffee there.

Switching gears just a little, I wanted share my recipe for the perfect cup of coffee.  I'll admit, before October: Unprocessed, I used to love those syrupy sweet artificial coffee sweeteners.  Then I looked at the ingredients and almost fell over.  I tried sugar and cream/milk but that just seemed lame so one morning, so I hit up my spice cabinet and created this little all-natural cup of coffee, which coincidently, is the perfect compliment to the pumpkin spice coffee flavor.  It would work well with pretty much any other flavor I could imagine as well.

The Best All-Natural Cup of Coffee
- 1 cup of coffee (I LOVED the pumpkin spice k-cup in this!)
- A couple splashes of milk, cream or half and half (none of that fat free garbage, use the full-fat!)
- A couple generous drops of vanilla extract
- A spoonful of sugar (anyone else sing along to Mary Poppins there?)
- A couple dashes of cinnamon
- A pinch of fresh grated nutmeg

Add all of the above ingredients into the coffee mug, give it a swift stir and enjoy!


Chung said...

This coffee looks absolutely divine! I actually think I can smell it!! Thanks for the great idea about making your own creamer. I, too, don't like to use the commercial creamers - great idea!

Emily said...

My work has k-cups but we definitely did not get any of these fun, seasonal flavors. They sounds so yummy; I wonder if there is time to put in a rush order!

Acacia said...

My work has been buying the Pumpkin Spice flavor in bulk lately and it's pretty much all I've been drinking! Wish I had all those ingredients at work because it songs incredible!

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