Was the Perfect Burger Found at Post 390?

Walking into to Post 390, I was greeted by atmosphere of swankily dark and modern furniture, walls of exposed brick and a slew of tables packed tightly and going on seemingly forever throughout this spacious two-floor restaurant.  The dining room offered dramatically large windows that welcomed in some natural light and at only about a year old, this restaurant was filled to the brim and bustling with business folks, Back Bay residents and visitors.  Somewhere in the mix of all of this sat me and my dining companion, the Burger expert himself, Richard, from Boston Burger Blog.  Richard's blog is about his quest for the "Perfect Burger" and when he invited me to tag along to try out one of the contenders, I was psyched and already getting hunger pangs for a big, juicy cheesy burger.

So there we sat, talking shop ("shop" in this case of course being food) when we were presented with our cheeseburgers.  They looked like your average good old fashioned cheeseburger.  Dressed up slightly by a spear skewering pickles and a little sliver of jalepeno pepper, they looked your average run of the mill cheeseburger.  I bit into mine and was instantly satisfied by the familiar taste of cheeseburger.  I did however think the sesame flecked bun was a little lacking as the top was sort of oddly peeling off (and not because it was toasted) and for $15, I thought the bread holding together my sweet juicy burger could have been a little better.  Accompanying my burger was a side of hot salty French fries.  There wasn't anything terribly outrageous with these, but they still hit the spot.

Post 390 Cheeseburger
In sum, I liked the burger, really I did.  It was good but I don't think it was $15 good.  There wasn't much special about it as I would have expected for that amount of money.  While by nature I tend to be a little money-conscious, I don't mind paying top-dollar for something at a restaurant that I think will knock my socks off.  This really didn't and I probably wouldn't cough up another $15 for it again.  Although it appears that Post 390 is not the home of the perfect burger, I'd give it another go to see what the rest of their menu is like.

(You can check out Richard's recap on the Post 390 Burger HERE)

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Kerstin said...

Awww, sorry it was disappointing - I haven't found a favorite burger in Boston yet. I guess I need to check out Richard's blog!

Richard said...

I don't even remember you taking that picture, how stealth of you.

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Haha, yep...I was in stealth camera woman mode on Friday...very, very sneaky!

Jenny said...

Really like your blog! I actually just wrote a post about the (veggie) burger at b.good; have you been there yet? There are just so many restaurants to explore in Boston...

Boston Food Diary said...

Ooooh good to know! I'm so intrigued by this "fancy" burger fad that has been around lately...good to know that this one isn't worth the price tag!

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