Brekky at KO Catering & Pies

KO Catering and Pies Sausage Rolls...I'll get to those in a minute..
Fancy a little Brekky from down und-ah, mate? (said in my best, but not very good at all, Australian accent.) I had the pleasure of huddling around a large rustic wood table yesterday morning along with 7 other bloggers (Athena, Renee, Elizabeth, Kimmy, Jason, Rachel and Daisy), sampling all sorts of Australian eats off of the KO Catering and Pies brekky menu.  The first Australian-inspired food business in all of New England, KO Catering and Pies is flat out delicious.  Though you'll have to do a little hunting to find them (they have a very small storefront and "takeaway" location in Southie and food trucks that will be rolling through Boston streets soon!) however, let me advise you, it's worth the effort.

G'day Mate!
How to eat a Meat Pie
I had never had Australian food before and for some odd reason, really hadn't given it much thought before.  Other then, "some shrimp on the bahh-bee" and Fosters beer, I wasn't even sure what is classified as Australian food.  Needless to say I was pretty psyched that this spot was the location of this month's Boston Brunchers meet up.

Meat Pies and Sausage Rolls...oh my!
While small, KO Catering and Pies is modestly decorated and has a clean, modern feel to it.  The first thing your eyes can't help but get drawn to are the meat pies and sausage rolls that are proudly sitting in a heated display case just begging to be taken home. Once you pull your eyes away from the case of heating meat pies (if you can, that is) you'll notice the quirky decor. Above this spots only table, a giant wooden table that seats about 8, are like plastic birds sitting on top of a giant tree branch that hangs from the ceiling and clocks that show time from various spots.  There's also a wall of shelves well stocked with imported Australian treats.

Pie Time is my favorite time
Imported Australian Treats
The menu itself is not extensive but it doesn't need to be.  It's got a great variety of eats that will certainly make it hard to make a decision.  After careful review and much back and forth, I decided on the Croque Madame, which was provolone cheese melted with a thick slab of ham and then sandwiched between two thick slices of some of the best sourdough bread I have ever had and then topped off by a perfectly fried egg.  It was awesome.

Croque Madame - KO Catering and Pies
We were also served a heaping order of sourdough bread slathered by the infamous and oh so popular Australian spread, Vegemite.  I had never had Vegemite before but it wasn't all that bad.  It's salty and yeasty in flavor and almost has a meaty quality to it.

Sourdough Bread with Vegemite
But the real star of the show was the Sausage Roll.  When a basket of steaming serving of these guys were placed in front of us, I couldn't help but feel giddy.  This is what I was waiting for.  I held the steaming round of sausage that was encased in a flaky dough up to my nose and inhaled the sweetest smells of spices and butter.  I took a taste and was blown away at how it almost seemed to melt in my mouth, falling apart into delicious bits of flavor. I had never experienced anything like it.

Sausage Rolls...AMAZING
And if that wasn't enough, we ended on a sweet note, a bite of Sticky Date Pudding soaked in a sweet and warm butterscotch sauce and served with a side of vanilla ice cream.

Very special thanks to KO Catering and Pies for hosting the brunch.  I know I will certainly be back to get my Australian food fix and to get one of those sausage rolls! Can't wait until the truck starts up!

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Megan said...

Sounds like a lovely brunch! I definitely want to get over there at some point to try a meat pie... and a sausage roll. I wonder if any of the trucks will roam near me...

Meghan@travelwinedine said...

Looks like a great time! My husband would probably love it there!

Daisy said...

i just loved this place! i wish i had a sausage roll right now. i'm so glad i have a meat pie in the fridge for later. so good to brunch with you again!

Kimmy Bingham said...

So much fun and so fabulous to meet everyone! My husband actually left me one of the sausage rolls I took home, might be about time to warm that baby up!

luci_overington said...

Haha this is excellent- i love the clocks! My friends and i actually have "pie time" when i go home to visit. Im temped to put that on my own wall!!

Anonymous said...

I'm still fiending over that sourdough. It was so good. At the time I considered tasting the crust of the sausage roll. I totally should have.

Alicia said...

Wow, that sausage roll looks great. I've never sampled australian food beyond shrimp myself -- had them at the phantom gourmet BBQ party....
Looks like a cool place!

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing! I need to try them out ASAP!


Jen said...

I have been seeing Tam Tams in Stop & Shop, Shaw's and Hannaford lately. They are getting popular.

Boston Food Diary said...

Wow- great review! I have always been curious about the "food from down unda'" -I will definitely need to give this place a try!

Jason Phelps said...


Great write-up. We did certainly have fun checking out a new cuisine. It was great to meet you and I am checking out your burger posts right now!


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