Coffee For Less Flavor of the Month - Spicy Eggnog

Eggnog Coffee and this month's Cook's Illustrated, now that's a Sunday Morning
I have a very peculiar relationship with eggnog.  On one hand, drinking a glass of the incredibly rich and almost pancake-batter-like consistency kind of grosses me out and is not what I reach for when it come to celebratory holiday beverages.  But on the other hand, I love things that are made with eggnog.  Eggnog puddings and custards? Great, let me get a spoon.  Eggnog flavored ice cream? Sweet. Where's the jimmies?  But just drinking  a glass on its own is not my style.  That being said, I'm always suspect when it comes to eggnog and when I received this month's Coffee For Less flavor of the month (at my request, I wanted something holiday themed) I was a little weary.  Spicy Eggnog coffee? I wasn't too sure.

Before heading off to my parents for the holiday week, I took the time relax a little over a hot cup of coffee and this month's Cook's Illustrated that I had been far too busy to read.  The eggnog coffee paired exceptionally well with my cozy sweatpants on this chilly morning and I found the flavor to be great with traces of nutmeg and spice.  It didn't scream "eggnog" but it had just let you know it was there and it tasted rather festive on this holiday week.  I didn't get much "spicy" flavor from which the title of this variety indicates that I should but nonetheless, I thought this was a rather delightfully festive flavor of coffee and it appears now I can add eggnog coffee to my list of likes when it comes to eggnog.  Now off to run some last minute errands and to head to my parents. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Elizabeth said...

I'm totally the same. I kind of always want to like eggnog, but then I have some and I realize I just don't. But I like eggnog everything else, like these eggnog cookies from the cookie swap last week.
Have fun at your parents' and chilling in your sweats!! :)

Alicia said...

I'm the weirdest - I've never even had eggnog. I think Rafe's family drinks it on Christmas, so I guess I'll see....but it seems so thick that it kinda grosses me out too.

on a side-note - Enjoy that cook's illustrated! It's a good issue, made the glazed salmon last weekend. It was YUM!

Emily said...

I didn't think i liked eggnog... until this year. I've been enjoying it with a variety of spirits and with coffee. I'm so sad I've spent all these years thinking it was gross!

Ezra said...

You call them "jimmies." That is delightful.

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