What's The {Pea} Soup?

This post is the first of many soup reviews that I’ll be doing as a “Souper” for the website What’s The Soup?, a site dedicated to one of my personal favorites, the humble bowl of soup. Be sure to check out their site for local and national soup news, recipes and reviews!

I hate to sound generic, but the soup at Market, located in the W hotel in the Theater District, tastes like spring in a bowl. Seriously. Labeled simply as “Green Pea Soup, Parmesan, $9” the soup comes to you via tableside presentation. When the shallow bowl of frothy Parmesan foam gets placed in front of you along with 10 (or so) baby croutons, you’re still not clued into how delicious this soup is. It isn’t until the waiter is standing above you, pouring a stream of steaming, vibrantly green soup that you get clued into the fact that this isn’t your average, run of the mill pea soup. This is something special...

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