Dok Bua, Brookline, MA

There are two things that I'm embarrassed to admit with regards to Dok Bua. The first; I've walked past it probably thousands of times since I've lived in Coolidge Corner and it's taken me this long to venture inside. Which means that hiding, right there under my nose, has been delicious Thai food and this whole time I've been missing out. Secondly, I'm ashamed to admit this, but I liked my meal there so much, I went there twice this week and worse yet, I had the same dish. Something I don't recall doing. Ever.

So what's the big deal about Dok Bua? Putting all the flavors and tastes and all of those other factors that are so important to a restaurant review aside (don't worry, I'll get to that in a minute) the consistency is spot on. On both evenings, the service was equally as fast and pleasant and the meals ordered tasted equally as good. Consistency is hard to achieve night after night at any restaurant and Dok Bua does it. Additionally, their menu offers tremendous value. Selecting one of their dinner specials (pictured above) gets you one of 20 entrees, a bowl of Tom Yum Soup, a neat little ball of sticky rice, two spring rolls and two fried pork dumplings with respective sauces - all for $10.95. I dare you to find a better value in the city (and if you do, please tell me!).

Getting to the important stuff; the flavors of the dishes at Dok Bua are bold and bright. On both of my visits I ordered the Drunken Noodle dinner special which was served up hot and fresh with crisp green peppers and shreds of chicken clinging to thick rice noodle rags that were slick with a deliciously spicy sauce. The Tom Yum soup was steamy with a building heat that was softened by cooling cilantro and lemongrass. The spring rolls were golden brown and crackled with each bite, giving way to fresh shreds of cabbage and carrots.  The fried pork dumplings were crispy and contained a flavorful porky center and were served with a sweet and sticky sauce. The rice wasn't necessary to the plate but it did help cleanse the palate and cool things down a bit.

The atmosphere at Dok Bua is charming in its own way with bright colors, Thai decorations and pictures of their food plastered onto large posters and hung in various places throughout the restaurant. Towards the front of the restaurant, there's a little display of Thai snack foods, none of which appealed to my taste buds (baked cuttlefish anyone?) but I appreciate the novelty. In sum, Dok Bua is a must if yourself in Brookline, with an undeniable craving for Thai food. Fair warning though, it's so good, you might find yourself wanting to go back for a second time. And nobody, especially not me, would blame you if you ordered the same dish.

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Val said...


Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic said...

Nice. I like Dok Bua too but I don't get to eat as much Thai food as I want since I'm allergic to fish sauce and almost everything has fish sauce. But sometimes it really is worth all the hives and puffy mouth! ;)

Jen said...

We only get Dok Bua for takeout. Hubby actually doesn't like it, so I get it when I'm eating take-out without him. The dinner platter does look tasty (and super filling!)

Boston Food Diary said...

Dok Bua is by far my favorite Thai in the city! Glad you had such great experiences there -it is pretty darn amazing :-)

Anonymous said...

Dok Bua is one of my favorites. I'm stuck on the Pad-Si-Ew and rarely order anything else. There have been weeks when I've had it multiple times!

Mom said...

Congratulations on coming in at #8 on the Urbanspoon Leaderboard!! Way to go girlfriend!!

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