Oh, Canada!

Beef Heart Tartare, The Black Hoof
"What did you do on your vacation?" I was asked when I got back from a week's stay Toronto. "I ate", I responded, jokingly, but after reviewing the pictures of my vacation, it turns out, my answer wasn't too far the reality; I ate my way through Toronto and enjoyed every last bite. While typically my blog posts consist of words supported by pictures to describe the foods that I make and eat, I thought for this post it'd be more appropriate to do the opposite, and let the pictures speak for themselves...

Sweetbreads, The Black Hoof
Strawberry-Pineapple Sangria, The Black Hoof
"Poutine" - Fried Gnocchi, Braised Rabbit, Sheep's Milk Cheese Curds, Beast
Wild Boar and Marrow Tacos, Beast
Lamb Ribs, Carolina BBQ sauce, Slaw and Hush Puppies, Beast
Nutella, Coffee Biscotti and Blood Orange Gelato, Cafe Uno
Kangaroo, Camel and Venison Sliders
Pastries, Brick Street Bakery
Poutine, Smoke's Poutinerie
Porchetta Sandwich with Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella, Porchetta & Co.
Cheeseburger, Burger's Priest
I hadn't really thought of Toronto as a culinary mecca but my trip and full belly now believe otherwise. Throughout the entire week, not a bad meal was had nor a plate left empty. My kind of vacation..


Boston Food Diary said...

So glad you guys had a good time- your photos are gorgeous!

Megan said...

The poutine with braised rabbit looks amazing! Definitely looks like you had a great time and did a lot of eating. That's my kind of vacation!

Michelle Collins said...

Who knew Toronto had such incredible food?? Glad you had a fun trip!

Hungry Native said...

Hi there,
I'm the writer for a Martha's Vineyard based food blog (hungrynative.com)
I'm writing you because i see some of your websites posts on a website called bostonplus.com
This same website has used ten of our posts without any permission (and butchered our photos)
I just wanted to let you know, in case they have done the same to you.

Ezra Agnew

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Thanks for the head's up Ezra, appreciate it! Katie

aimee said...

holy cow, katie!

no really...holy cow in that last burger pic!

but seriously. love this post! your pics are all terrific and it looks like you ate so many great things, and had fun!

i also love the new blog look!

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