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As much as I love creating my own meals, I do like to venture out of my Small Boston Kitchen every once in a while to grab a bite to eat. This helps to inspire me and also allows me keep tabs on whats new and exciting in the restaurant world. (So really, it's research!) Since Boston has secured itself a spot on the US culinary map, I'd like to devote this posting to a round-up of sorts of some local eateries. Recently visited and gaining my two thumbs up of approval, I think these are particularly good and definitely worth a try.

Happy eating!

Rani Bistro - I like to think of Indian food as one of my favorite types of food that I never even knew I liked. It wasn't until recently that I got hooked on this ethnic cuisine specializing in robust flavors and foreign spices. By chance one day I found myself at an Indian food restaurant and having no idea what it was all about. Me being me and always on the lookout for new flavors, I couldn't wait to start trying. I remember my first taste of Chicken Tikka Masala and have never looked back. With its tomato base and a mass of vibrant flavors and spices, I find myself craving this dish. Located at 1353 Beacon Street in Coolidge Corner, Rani Bistro makes an outstanding Chicken Tikka Masala. Complete with rich spices and a satisfying heat that leaves your lips tingling, this dish is accompanied by jasmine rice and a side order of daal (baked lentils, not my favorites but that's fine by me because it leaves a little extra room for the chicken and rice). With authentic Indian art of the walls, great service, and a pleasant and warm atmosphere, I definitely recommend Rani Bistro anytime the urge for Indian cuisine strikes.
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The Coolidge Corner Clubhouse (AKA, "The Triple C's) -
Simply put, I heart "The Triple C's" in a big way. When you first walk into this small and unassuming spot, you'll notice sports paraphernalia adorning the walls of this neighborhood joint. Once you wrestle your way to the dining area (good luck getting a seat at the bar, this place is always packed!), you won't be disappointed. Boasting high-definition TVs at every glance, this place is the ideal location to have a beer (they have 40 on tap) and watch a game. However, be forewarned, if you brave the crowds for a visit to The Triple C's, come hungry. No, I take that back. Come starving! With a menu that is at least 20 pages deep (not an exaggeration), there is certainly something to please even the pickiest of eaters. Here, you can get every sandwich/burger concoction imaginable (all named after popular sports figures and served along side a Mount Everest sized mound of curly fries), a mouth-watering starting line-up of appetizers (note to self: a half order of nachos is ALWAYS enough!) and fresh salads among other creations, your taste buds will never get bored. Humming along to the Dropkick Murphy's while watching the Pats take the lead, there really is no happier place in Brookline to catch a game.
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Cambridge 1- With its two location in the Boston area (one right near Fenway and the other all the way out in Cambridge) this location, in my opinion, slips under the radar and is way under rated. Churning out paper thin grilled pizzas complimented by a unique assortment of beers (the Pomegranate wheat gets my vote or my old stand by, Magic Hat #9), this place is perfect for grabbing some pie and watching the snow swirl outside. With its all-wood bench style minimalist interior, Cambridge 1 creates a casual atmosphere that still seems slightly trendy without having to break the bank. With half-order pizzas starting at $7, it is recommended that you go with a couple of friends and order a couple of different pies, providing you with a good sampling of their plentifully topped creations. Just be sure to go when you're in the mood to linger as service can be a little on the slow side.
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Lattitude Restaurant - Although my blog is predominately Boston focused, I think its important to mention great places that I come across on the rare occasion that I'm outside of Boston. Located right outside the Big E in West Springfield, MA, Lattitide finally brings creative fusion to the Western Mass population. With its imaginative menu, attentive and highly knowledgeable staff and comfortable atmosphere (you literally feel like you are sitting in someone's living room. And I mean that in a good way) this places deserves a try. Only purchasing their food from local farms, this restaurant is a welcome change to dining out in Western Mass. While here, I tried the Chop Chop salad with fresh vegetables tossed with tangy apples and topped with Berkshire blue cheese - refreshingly delicious and a great accompaniment to my main meal; a perfectly seasoned medium rare char grilled New York sirloin with chocolate mole sauce. That's right, there was chocolate for me to dip my steak into. If you haven't had this oddly and exceptionally good combination of savory, sweet, and spicy get to it and get to it now! Also of note, this little gem had an impressively lengthy list of wines from all reaches of the world and including exceptionally wide varieties from both Old and New World vintages. Simply stated, Lattitude is the perfect destination spot for when you're up for a little road trip West.

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