TPPF Panini (Turkey, Prosciutto, Provolone and Fig)

When reading the Clean Plate Club's blog a couple weeks back, I came across Alicia's raves on Dalmatia Fig Spread.  I remember being excited about the prospect of a jammy fig spread packaged into this cute little pot.  My mind had already started working on some uses for this new find.  How delicious would this be on cheese and crackers? And what about prosciutto and figs?  I mean they go together like PB & J.  What else, I wondered?  Then life happened and I forgot about my future fig spread endeavors until I was poking around the new Brookline Fine Wine and Gourmet Shop in Brookline Village and I spotted its happy little orange top staring at me from afar.  Excitedly, I purchased it immediately and began thinking of figgy creations.  (As a side note, the Brookline Fine Wine and Gourmet Shop is such a cute little space specializing in unique wines and sweet gourmet food finds.  It's right on Harvard Street in Brookline Village and I had the privilag privilege of meeting Carrie, the owner, and she was super nice and very knowledgeable about wines.  And a bonus, she didn't even make me feel like a wierdo for getting so excited about finally finding fig spread.)

Today I was in a sandwichy kinda mood and thought that would be the perfect opportunity to try out my fig spread.  Layered in between two crispy pieces of oatmeal wheat bread was a nice sharp provolone cheese, Boar's Head oven roasted turkey and then the magical combination of salty prosciutto and sweet jammy fig spread.  This sandwich was awesome.  Nothing too fancy but just the perfect blend of sweet, salty crunchy deliciousness.

I can't wait to see what other dishes I come up with featuring this fig spread find...stay tuned!

Turkey, Prosciutto, Provolone and Fig Panini
- 2 pieces of bread (I used an Oatmeal Wheat bread, but use whatever you'd like!)
- 2 thin slices of oven roasted turkey (I prefer Boar's Head brand)
- 2 thin slices of prosciutto
- 2 thin slices of provolone cheese
- Enough Dalmatia Fig Spread to cover one side of a piece of bread
- A small pat of butter for the pan

Spread a thin layer of Dalmatia Fig Spread onto one side of a piece of bread.  Layer the turkey, prosciutto and cheese on top and then place the other piece of bread on top.  In a pan, melt a small pat of butter.  Place the sandwich in the pan and run the bread through the sandwich.  Flip, and swish around the sandwich until the other side is coated in butter.  Let the sandwich toast on one side, making sure to press down with a large spatula every once in a while to make sure the cheese can get to the heat and melt.  Flip and repeat on the other side.  Serve immediately.

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Alicia said...

MMMM!!! what a great sandwich!! Glad you liked the fig spread!! it's so yummy! And its great to have on hand if unexpected guests drop by - sometimes I make myself a meal of cheese and crackers and feel instantly gourmet when I add the fig jam to the cheeseboard!!
thanks for the mention :)

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