The Upper Crust - A Cut Above The Rest

With today being Super Bowl Sunday, I thought it only fitting to provide my thoughts on one of my favorite local pizza chains; Upper Crust Pizza.  In my opinion, it's the perfect spot to grab a quick bite and that's just what me and some friends were looking for before our evening out.  Last night, we visited the Newbury Street location, but there are 16 Upper Crusts throughout Eastern Mass.  I really like their pizza.  The crust is crispy but still chewy at the same time and sitting on top is just the perfect balance of toppings.  You can order a whole pie from suggested combinations or you can create your own from an impressive list of toppings.  Another option for an even quicker bite, you can grab a slice of cheese, peperoni, or a slice of the day.  You can also choose white or whole wheat crust.  Last night I had their slice of the day, which was a satisfying combination of roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella and basil.  It was perfect.  I ate it slowly, savoring every bite of sweet, savory goodness.

When you first walk into an Upper Crust, you'll notice the laid back atmosphere and the most incredible smell of delicious pizza lingering in the air.  They also have a decent selection of beer and wine, as well as PBR on tap (in case you miss the good ol' college days).  The employees are super busy but still have the time to be friendly, creating a lively but also laid back atmosphere.  Looking up, you'll spot their signature pizza pan covered ceiling that provides a modern and clever twist to the decor.  If you request to have your pie delivered to you, you'll find that a specially made bicycle with a large wooden box to hold the pizza appears at your door. An earth-friendly nod to the typical pizza delivery man of old.

While their prices are a little heftier than some others ($3.00 for a slice of cheese and $3.75 for slice of the day), to me, it's worth it for the quality.  With fresh toppings fired up on a perfectly baked crust, you really can't go wrong with some Upper Crust. 

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In addition to my review of Upper Crust, I thought it would also be a good idea to provide some advice on how to get through today's big day:

1. Wear big comfortable pants. Super Bowl Sunday is not about fashion, it's about function. How many buffalo wings and cheesy nachos can you really eat if you're in restricting pants? I say, pull out those stretchy Thanksgiving day pants and wear them with pride!

2. Drink light beer. Sure it's tempting to grab a nice lager or a similarly heavy beer, but think of how much valuable stomach real estate that Guinness is going to take up.

3. Remember, it's not a sprint, it's a marathon. You've gotta practice your grazing skills. Don't jump headfirst into 5 pieces of pizza. You'll be in a food comma before half-time. Graze your way through the game, sampling bits of everything at a consistent pace.

4.  No calorie counting today folks.  That's not what this day is about!  The treadmill will still be there for you tomorrow.  Today is all about the good eats.

5. Keep the Tums or Rolaids handy...

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!


Anonymous said...

I agree with the "small boston kitchen". Upper Crust is definitely one of my most favorite (if not my most favorite) place to eat when we come into Boston. Cannot beat the pizza and I don't think the prices are high. It is worth every penny!

Anonymous said...

I love the suggestions for Super Bowl Sunday! I definitely agree with the comfy pants!! Thanks for the good laugh - you have a way to always put a smile on my face! (Now that the Saints have won - let's party!!)

Beth said...

Oh man. Uppercrust is the best! I just need them to become available near me...then again...it would be dangerous to have them at my disposal whenever I wanted some of the best pizza ever. (The Hawaiian is my all time fav!) Better to have it stay on the eastern side of the state! :)

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Their Hawaiian is killer Beth! I also love their spinach and ricotta pie with mushrooms and roasted red peppers...Mmmmmm..

Chip Dipson said...

Pics please!!! Sounds great, would love to see it too.

Daniele Mathras said...

I was said friend who enjoyed pizza with Katie this weekend... for the first time ever, I got to experience the Upper Crust. Wow, how had I spent years in the Boston area and never once tasted its goodness?! My poison was the specialty slice with a glass of Malbec, life was good. I believe the quote of the evening was:

"This place is MAGICAL..."
-- Katie

Thanks for showing me what's up in terms of pizza in Boston!

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