Holy schnikies it's almost April!

Seriously.  Where did the time go?  I mean, I know where the time was spent (my Small Boston Kitchen, of course) but literally, where did it go?  It seems like just yesterday I was making Philly cheesesteak spring rolls for my New Year's Eve party and now it's spring.  Along with packing away winter hats and gloves, budding flowers and trees and the start of local restaurants fixing up their outdoor patios (yay!), spring also signifies to me one of the holiest of Massachusetts holidays, Patriot's Day.  If you don't live in Mass, then you might not know about this special day.  I like to think of it as a bonus day off from work and the chance to celebrate how freaking it awesome it is to be a Bostonian.  The Boston marathon (fun fact of the day: it's the world's oldest annual marathon), a Red Sox home game, and massive amounts of people taking to the streets to celebrate this day.

In true SBK form, I like to commemorate this day by throwing a party.  While this is the 3rd annual party that I'll be throwing, this year will be special because it will mark the first SBK Patriot's Day party.  At only three weeks away, I'm finalizing the menu, have sent out the evites and couldn't be more excited to park my lawn chair out on Beacon Street and cheer on the runners.

A marathon doesn't appear to be one of the most fun spectator sports but truth be told, it's a blast.  It is amazing watching runners give it their all as they make their trek from Hopkinton to Copley Square.  As per tradition, my guests will arrive around 10 AM and I serve brunch.  (**Spoiler alert!** while the full line-up hasn't been revealed yet, there are rumored to be homemade pop-tarts on the menu..).  We then set up shop along Beacon Street, cheer on the runners and end the day by taking over the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse (stop by if you're in the 'hood!)

So dear readers, stay tuned.  I have an extra special brunch planned and even if you can't be at the party, know that you can follow the fun and action, SBK style.  It's gonna be wicked pissa....

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