Do You Smorgie?

Because up until, oh I'd say about a couple of hours ago, I didn't know what the heck Smorgie was and now I'm all about it.  This evening I had the fine pleasure of receiving an invitation to the launch of a new website, Smorgie.com.  Not being much of a technology buff (I save all of my geekiness for food, thank you very much) I had no idea what to expect when I walked into Dante in Cambridge this evening.  Absolutely no idea.

Upon arrival, I immediately felt at home, talking with those that live what I love, food.  They are the types that wake up in the morning and the first thought, besides, "Crap, my alarm already?" is "What's for dinner?".  Totally my type of people.  Gin and tonic in one hand and one (okay fine, two!) arancini ball(s) in the other (they were just that good, I couldn't resist) I learned all about Smorgie.  A not too distant relative to some other foodie oriented sites, Smorgie takes it up a notch by allowing you to customize your experience and save your thoughts on restaurants that you'd like to visit as well as keeps track of those you'd like to go to.  Not to mention the cool social media-type feature of being able to follow people and see their recommendations.  Really cool stuff.  I've included some screen shots in my post.  I just love the clean look of it and feel to it and the networking aspect to it.  You can also organize and categorize your your favorites, it's all very user friendly.  After tonight, I'm actually finding myself getting excited over new technology.  Who knew?


Shakti said...

Thanks for coming out to our launch party, it was so nice to meet you. If any of your readers want to set up their own Smorgie accounts, they can do so using the code: smorgiebeta. Any questions let me know at shakti @ smorgie.com. Have fun!

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Hi Shakti, Thanks for sharing the info with my readers. It was really nice meeting you too!

Daisy said...

oh hey well isn't this fun!! Thanks for that email, I can't wait to check out Smorgie!!

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