Ristorante Fiore

Sometimes, late at night, I'll get the craving.  It will creep up out of nowhere and with little warning.  I might be watching some tv or reading a cookbook and it will strike.  Gnocchi!

It seems recently I find myself being sort of a gnocchi connoisseur.  If its on a menu at a restaurant, you can bet I'm gonna try it.  While I've had my fair share of gnocchi, I think one of my favorites is the Gnocchi al Pomodoro from Ristorante Fiore (http://www.ristorantefiore.com/about-us.php) in the North End, right on Hanover Street.  While you sit in a noisy restaurant full of laughing and people just genuinely enjoying themselves, the gnocchi sits before you, delicately blanketed by the classic saucy tomato, basil and Parmesan trio, begging you to take a taste.  Upon first bite, you teeth gently sink into a fluffy cloud of soft potatoey yumminess.  It's just a simple, fresh and clean taste.  So pure.  The way gnocchi should be.  

I'll admit, I like to go to Ristorante Fiore quite a bit, especially in the summer time because they offer the only roof deck dining and bar in the North End, and it's pretty sizable by city standards.  Just be sure to get there early so that you can secure a seat.  On a steamy summer night, there is nothing quite as refreshing as sitting outside, sipping a cold beverage and a giant plate of Gnocchi Pomodoro in front of you.  I'm pretty sure that is the actual definition of perfection.

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Boston Food Diary said...

Awesome. Now I want gnocchi- thanks :-)

ashleigh said...

Hello! I am new to your blog.. I found it through twitter! I used to live in the North End but never made it to Fiore! I just added it to my list of my try's especially due to the roof deck. Thanks for the reminder!

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