SBK Boston Food Trivia Challenge: Answers

This past Saturday, I challenged all of my readers to a Beantown food trivia challenge.  As promised, here are the answers:

1. What famous Boston restaurant claims Boston Cream Pie as its own creation?
     Omni Parker House Boston
2. Name two famous people who have worked at the Omni Parker House Boston.
    Malcolm X (busboy), Emeril Lagasse (chef), Ho Chi Minh (baker)
3. Cambridge resident, Julia Child, held this profession before she became famous for her contribution to the culinary world.
     Julia served as a spy in an international ring managed by the Office of Strategic Services, which is an early version of the CIA 
4. In what Boston neighborhood did molasses flood in 1919, killing 21 people and injuring 150?
    The North End
6. What is the state drink of Massachusetts?
     Cranberry Juice
7. What is the state fish of Massachusetts?
8. America's oldest continuously run restaurant is in Boston.  What's it name?
    The Union Oyster House
9. What percentage of  the world's cranberries are grown in Massachusetts?

     About 40%
10. Why is Boston referred to as Beantown?
       In colonial days, baked beans made with molasses and baked over a open oven for hours and hours, were a staple in the Bostonian diet, mainly because of its inexpensive and easily acquired ingredients mainly consisting of navy beans, molasses and pork.  The popularity of this colonial dish earned Boston the nickname Beantown, and it stuck.

How'd you do?

7 - 10 right: Wicked pissa, someone's a smahhty!
4 - 7 right: Not so hot, someone's gotta brush up on their Beantown food trivia..
1 - 3 right: Try again, chief..


Seth Resler said...

Can't say I did very well, but I enjoyed playing! Thanks for the quiz!

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Glad you liked, I had fun putting it together!

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