Do You Fondue?

Confession time, up until last night, I had never been to the Melting Pot (http://www.meltingpot.com/).  It's totally the type of place that has my name written all over it and for whatever reason, I just haven't made it there.  Overflowing pots of melted cheese served alongside a bunch of different things to dip, creating endless combination of melty cheesy fun?!  Sign me up please and I'll be there with my Thanksgiving Day pants on, Fondue fork in hand.

I had gotten the invite to attend a Blogger event at the Melting Pot and let me tell you, I did NOT turn it down (and I did not wear my Thanksgiving pants.  I wanted to, don't get me wrong, but for fashion's sake, I just couldn't do it.)  To be honest, I could feel myself geeking out before I even entered the private party room.  I just knew good things were going to happen.  The restaurant is fashioned in colors of crimson and it has a sort of homey but trendy little edge to it.  The tables have have built in burners that keep glorious little pots of cheesy (and chocolaty) yumminess.  When I walked in, I made a swift beeline to the nearest fork and started dipping away.

I had a hard time selecting a favorite amongst the cheeses and I think I liked them all, but for different reasons.  Some of them had more of a twinge of wine to them and others you could taste more of that straight-up cheese flavor.  If I absolutely had to choose, the Cheddar or Swiss one would win.  Or maybe the Fiesta one?  It had a fun little flavor to it.  As far as the chocolate goes, I had a clear cut winner: the Turtle Fondue.  It was dangerously delicious.  While I was busy dipping chunks of bread into cheese, I washed it all down with some White Sangria.  It was refreshing, but a little too sweet for my liking.

My favorite part of the whole night (if you can believe that there could be anything better than melted cheese) was the fact that I got to hang out with some fellow food bloggers.  Some of which I already know and was excited to see again (FionaPam, Alicia, Tina) and some that hadn't met in person but was super excited to (Jen, Michelle, Michelle, Meagan, Melissa).  The whole evening was part reunion, part introduction, and ALL eating.

I had an absolute blast last night and had so much fun talking about food (and eating it!) with some fellow foodies.  I thoroughly enjoyed my first melting pot experience.  I just love the interactive experience of it and all the combinations.  YUM, Melting Pot, YUM.

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Barbara said...

We took Carleigh there for her birthday this past March. We all loved it! Had been there once before for my birthday. It's definitely a place for fun. . . and yum!

Boston Food Diary said...

Love it! You can't go wrong with melted cheese and chocolate! Cheers to a very memorable evening :-)

Fun and Fearless in Beantown said...

Katie, it was so great to finally meet you. A few of the girls and I are planning a Wine Wednesday event in the future. We like to keep it small so people can get to really know each other and hopefully you'll be interested in attending!

Miss Yunks said...

Great recap of the evening! Thanks for linking to blog, very glad I met you!

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Aunt Barb, Carleigh must have love that, so much fun!

Fun and Fearless, so nice to finally meet you too! I'm totally game for wine meetup, thanks so much for thinking of me!

Yunks, so great to meet you too!!

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