Marliave: Mixing History With Its Dishes

I have to admit, I kind of have a crush on this place, mainly because of the story behind it. It was built on the dream of French immigrant Henry Marliave who arrived in Boston.  In the late 1800's, he opened Marliave (http://www.marliave.com/home/) in the (what is today's) Downtown Crossing section of Boston.  Since then, this place has survived, letting history unfold around it all while serving up French/Italian/New England fare.  The real piece of history that makes this place even cooler is that it served as a Speakeasy during prohibition and several of the signs that were posted all over Boston, reminding city dwellers of alcohol bans.  This is the sort of place that makes you want to don a flapper's outfit or a zoot suit and slyly order a dirty martini.

The building, like it's food, is twinged by French accents and a clean atmosphere.  It's in a quiet location in a place that doesn't have a vast array of restaurants which is nice.  It's never super crowded and I attribute that to its location.  The food on the other hand, is good.  They offer a raw bar and a decent list of appetizers (they are famous for their "rarebits' which is a gooey cheesy concoction laced with beer, dots of bacon and served with bread slices.  It is meant to be enjoyed "fondue style".)

Next they offer meat/fish/pasta/pizza/sandwich options.  Rather eclectic if I do say so myself but it all somehow works together.  I opted for a portabella sandwich that was stacked high with three mushroom caps, roasted red pepper strings and a goat cheese that got all warm and soft as the heat melted it.  My veggie sandwich was all served on a delicious brioche bun that left subtle hints of buttery aftertastes.  I must say, I quite enjoyed my meal.  The only gripe I had was that my greens that accompanied my sandwich were a little wilty.  Not terrible, but they could have been a little fresher and were topped by a lackluster powdery Parmesan cheese.  Certainly not enough to take away from the whole experience of dining here, but just something of note.

Overall, make Marliave your next destination when you find yourself looking for something a little different, but still sort of classic in the Downtown Crossing area.

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Meghan@traveleatlove said...

This is such a fun place to go for really neat cocktails and appetizers! It was great to meet you last night!

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