Is B. Good Really Good?

I like the concept of B. Good, really I do; healthier versions of fast food favorites (think the classic cheeseburger, fries and a soda combination) dressed up a bit by varying toppings.   To start, you chose your meat (ground beef, turkey, chicken, or veggie).  Then you get to chose from 5 ways that you can have it prepared, plus a bonus seasonal special.  Then you can have baked french fries or sweet potato fries and a fountain soda beverage.  If you wanted to forgo the burger options entirely, you could also opt for a salad and they also have a milkshake menu.

They have a clean, bare bones approach to them, wooden and steel tables give it a natural yet modern look and similar to fast food restaurants, you order at the counter, grab a seat and wait for your name to be called so you can go up and grab your meal.  During the lunch hour rush, this place can get pretty packed too but the line does move quickly.

While I am a huge supporter of healthier fast food options, I feel like B. Good misses the mark a little.  I ordered the seasonal special, which was a burger of my choice (I went with turkey) made with Vermont Cheddar Cheese, tomatoes and homemade pickles on a whole wheat bun.  I also opted for the baked sweet potato fries and requested a side of BBQ sauce (It's my weird thing.  I don't care for ketchup so I use BBQ sauce for my fries).  The fries were soggy (I suspected they were in a rush and hadn't baked them long enough?) and the turkey burger didn't have a hand packed taste or look to it as advertised.  Instead, it looked like a frozen pre-made patty.  I did enjoy the house made pickles, they were crunchy and had the slightest hint of vinegar, which wasn't overpowering but just enough to add an extra layer of flavor and texture.  The tomatoes were fresh and I liked the BBQ sauce (it was good and peppery).

Overall, B.Good is okay.  I guess I just don't understand all the hype.  I know I'll be back back but it isn't my first choice for a quick on-the-go meal.

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Dave said...

I completely agree with this review. Heard great things about the place but was underwhelmed. Beef burger that was so so and SOGGY sweet potato fries. Not worth money or hype.

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