One Word For Ducali Pizzeria and Bar: YUM

If there is one thing that you must try before you die, (or move from Boston?  Sounds a little less dramatic I suppose) please let it be the Quatro Formaggio D.O.C. pizza at Ducali (http://www.ducalipizza.com/menus.html).  Oh my, is it amazing.  I'm not usually the type that selects a four cheese pizza.  They tend to be topped high with cheese that just results in a messy mound of grease.  Not this pie.  No sir.  This one had the right combination of mozzarella, romano, Parmegiano Regiano and the real star, ricotta.  It was so fresh and incredibly good with a light and such a creamy consistency, this isn't your average ricotta.  This is something far more amazing.

The fun part about Ducali is the fact that the pizzas are the perfect size for sharing.  Two small ones comfortably feed two people, allowing for sharing and trying out different types.  Or if both parties happen to agree on a pizza selection, you could get the large, which comes in a giant rectangle and is served on a pedestal (I like the idea of pizza being on a pedestal).  In addition to the Quatro Formaggio pizza, I enjoyed the pizza with mozzarella, arugula, fresh halved cherry tomatoes and thicker cuts of prosciutto.  This was also fantastic and so very fresh.  Absolutely perfect for a warm day.

In addition to great pizza, the atmosphere at Ducali is one that just makes me happy.  Small and intimate with not an abundant amount of seating, this place is modestly decorated with vintage Italian signs (think: giant metal vintage Coca-Cola sign written in Italian.  So cool) The giant floor-to-ceiling windows are also retractable so that you get that dining al fresco feel.  Oh Ducali, I will be back and I've already got a list of pizzas that are next on my list to try.  Although I'll probably want to add the ricotta cheese to whatever I order.  It was just that good.

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Chris said...

So the big question is...do they deliver to Western Mass? LOL. I am not a big ricotta fan at all but it may be worth tring when I am in Boston next time!

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Sorry Chris, I don't believe they do! Although definitely hit them up if you come to Beantown! This ricotta was different, so creamy and not grainy like some ricotta can be. Yum!

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