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The other day I created a homemade veggie burger recipe from scratch and they were delicious!  A great start to a solid recipe with a bunch and a half of possible variations.  After my post on this little creation, one of my readers made the suggestion of stuffing the veggie burgers into portabella mushroom caps to be grilled.  My mind was blown and a large piece of me was surprised that I hadn't thought of that first, being the lover of mushrooms that I am.  Thanks BobinMass3 for the comment and the brilliant idea!

The only flaw in this brilliant plan was that I don't have a grill (nor a backyard, front yard or even a porch.  Heck, I really only have one window!  Ahhh city living!) So I wanted to take BobinMass3's idea, play around with it a little and make it Small Boston Kitchen friendly by breaking up pieces of a thawed veggie burger (after I made mine, I wrapped them into plastic and stuck them in the freezer for later meals) and stuffing them into baby portabella mushroom caps.  (A little SBK tip: you can slice off a little bit of the bottom of the cap to keep them from rolling around in the pan.)

I baked these little guys until they just about cooked halfway through (remember folks, there's raw egg in here, you want to make sure it cooks through!)  Then topped my little shroomies with some cheese and stuck them back in the oven until the cheese got gooey and melty (that's my favorite part).

Then I put them on a plate, sprinkled some fresh chives on top and served them with a simple salad of arugula and spinach with my staple homemade salad dressing.

And then I ate them; one by delicious little one.

Brilliant, brilliant idea!  Thanks again.  Would love to hear about any other ideas or suggestions that my readers have.  Leave me a comment or send me an email, I love to hear from my readers!


Lara @ GoodCookDoris said...

What a great idea! I love the baby mushrooms and veggie burger idea. I didn't have a chance to comment - but those veggie burgers looked awesome! I always think the premade ones have funky seasoning blends.

A few weeks ago I cracked eggs into some portobello caps to make a quick breakfast. Seems like there are a lot of good ways to use up the mushrooms.

Boston Food Diary said...

These look DELICIOUS! What a great idea!!!

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Lara and BFD - thanks so much!

Lara, I agree with you on the versatility of mushrooms, they are wonderful!

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