The SBK's Getting Involved! (And You Can Too!)

If you’ve been a long time reader of the Small Boston Kitchen, you know that I love, love, LOVE my city.  I won’t get off on yet another tangent that proves and further professes my love for this fine city (as I did here and here and even a little bit here).  Instead, I’d like to tell you about some exciting things that I’m doing to get involved more with the community that I love so much.

This coming October, Boston will host its first Local Food Festival and I’ve signed up to pitch in and help get this thing running.  So what is the Local Food Festival?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  The festival is one of seven initiatives that have been created by the Sustainable Business Network of Boston (SBN).  The goal of this festival is to create a new mindset for people and how they think about food.  Living in Massachusetts (and the New England region as a whole) we are fortunate to be surrounded by such fantastic local farms.  This festival will highlight this fantastic local food that is available and right here at our doorsteps.  I’m also looking at it as a way of reminding people just how flipping cool it is to live in Massachusetts!  

As this takes place in October, you can expect to find bright orange pumpkins, crisp apples (and all things apple-y; cider, cider donuts, apple butter…Mmmm) homemade pies and other baked goods, locally raised meats, freshly caught seafood, local dairy products (milk, creams and my personal favorite: CHEESE) and many, many more products.  Also on-site, many local chefs will be cooking up their signature local dishes and there will also be a local beer crafters area that will spotlight local brews and sponsor home-brew demos. 

This is a big deal.  So big in fact, they’ve blocked off part of Congress Street, right around the Children’s Museum, for the event.  Admission will be free (score) and no food will cost over $5 (double score).  So mark your calendar now for October 2nd and I hope to see you there!  Also, if this post has struck a chord with you and you are interested in volunteering, please let me know or you can visit their website and sign up to volunteer by clicking here.  There are also still opportunities for restaurateurs to get involved too.  If you’re interested, please send me an email or visit the website.  


Beth said...

This sounds fantastic! I can't wait!

Boston Food Diary said...

GREAT Announcement! Well said!! I am SO excited for this! Should be a great event with lots of amazing food!

Beth B. said...

That is so awesome!!!! Good for you in getting involved. :)

A Bluebonnet in Beantown said...

Sounds fantastic! Marked my calendar.

Anonymous said...

Don Otto's Market will also be there. Thanks for spreading the word!

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