Oh Boston, you're my home!

If there is one thing I love almost as much as food, it's my city.  Whether you call it Beantown, The Hub of the Universe, The City on a Hill, The Birthplace of America or simply The Best City Ever (okay, that one might not be a typical nickname for Boston, but it's the one that I use the most) simply put, Boston rocks.  Known for tea parties and baked beans, Irish bars galore, the saying, "One if by land, two if by sea", Red Sox Nation, its own vocabulary and specific accent (bubbler, packie, wicked, pissa, jimmies, bangin' a left, etc) and most recently, its burgeoning food scene.

Boston has always been a key player on the food front, claiming fame to The Boston Cream Pie, Baked Beans (as we Americans know them to be) cranberries, Harpoon/Sam Adam's beer, etc. Boston is also known for its walk ability, making it easy to bounce around, sampling the many treats that area eateries have to offer.  However, it seems that with the recent economic shake-down, more restaurants are closing (Icarus, Pho Republique, Aujourd'hui, BanQ) and opening (Coppa, Symphony 8, Market, The Regal Beagle) than ever before, it can all be a little challenging to keep up with.  To help navigate the city's restaurants, I've included a list of top sites to refer to when deciding where to dine.  Some sites even have newsletters that you can subscribe to in order to keep up-to-date with changes as well as food-related happenings and events going on in your area.

Check it out!
Greater Boston Area Chowhound
Chowhound is a great source for various food-related topics.  Providing you with the option of asking other readers questions about food in Boston.  You can also browse other topics of conversations and weigh in your response for other readers to view.  All in all, a great source for local food discussions.

The Phantom Gourmet
I wouldn't dream of starting my Saturday mornings without watching the Phantom Gourmet (or at least DVR it).  On at 10:30 and 11:00 AM, this show employs a purple gloved "Phantom" to review eateries in and around the Boston area.  The show also hosts parties throughout the city such as the Wine and Food Phest, the Beer and Food Phest, and my personal favorite, the BBQ Beach party where actual beach sand is brought in to create a beach party right in the middle of Government Center. 

Miss any of it or just curious?  Their website has a great search feature that allows you to check out the Phantom's reaction to some Boston spots.  You can also subscribe to their PhanClub, where you can receive weekly newsletters on upcoming events, discounts on events, and general Boston food phantasticness. 

Boston e-licious
A semi-monthly newsletter meant for chefs but provides great news and updates on local restaurant events and happenings.  There is a handy little feature on the right-hand side that shows an events calendar.  Perfect for learning about wine-tastings, cooking classes and special offerings. 

Open Table
With hundreds of restaurants participating, this online system makes reservation making easy.  You can search restaurants by neighborhood, cuisine or by special offer.  An added bonus: all reservations that you make through this site provide you with points that you can cash in for gift certificates to any of the restaurants that participate in this service.  Bonus points can also be awarded for eating at "off-peak" times. 

Boston.com Food Section
I think Boston.com (The Boston Globe's online website) does a decent job of providing entertaining yet informative information on the Boston food scene.  Perfect for when my brain needs a little break from the workday; recipes, articles, blogs and restaurant reviews can all be found here.  A great go-to source when you're just looking for some local food reads.


Anonymous said...

Boston sounds like a perfect city to explore the sites along with sampling all the great food! Living in the Berkshires makes me crave this even more. We have great restaurants but we are lacking the variety that Boston has to offer. Cannot wait till the cold weather is a thing of the past to plan a weekend trip for some much needed R and R. Thanks for the tips and I look forward to reading your blogs - always leaves me with a smile - even on tough days!!

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Yes, Anonymous, Boston is where it's at! Glad you like the blog and that it has inspired you to head East. I plan to do a lot more restaurant reviews in the near future, stay tuned and thank you for reading!

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