Youuuuu Might Be A Gourmet!

I wouldn't consider myself a huge Jeff Foxworthy fan nor a giant supporter of flannel wearing red-neck humor, but it seems lately I've been catching myself doing things that prompt me to say to myself, "Youuuuu might be a gourmet!"

I woke this morning at 5:30 AM and could not fall back asleep (Please allow me to remind you that it is a Saturday morning.  I don't even get up that early for my Monday through Friday job).  Call it excitement for my "Staycation" or maybe it was that giant thunderstorm at 3:00 AM (Dear Mother Nature: please STOP the early morning thunderstorms, it's really getting annoying) either way, I was up and ready to take on the day.

I started my morning by scouring the grocery store sales flyers to see what's on sale.  I then began flipping through the stack of cooking magazines that had accumulated on my coffee table, searching for inspiration and thinking about what little foodie project I'm going to be getting myself into this week.

"Youuuuuu might be a gourmet!" I found myself almost yelling out loud.

After spending some time catching up on other food bloggers' posts and online shopping for some new pots and pans, I naturally got a little hungry.  So at about 7:00 this morning, I reached for some rosemary flecked crackers, goat cheese and raspberry jam and ate this delicious little makeshift breakfast standing up in my kitchen.

"Youuuuuu might be a gourmet!" I thought to myself again.  (I still have no idea where that strange little craving came from, but it was an oddly satisfying combo.)

While I was enjoying my little breakfast, I got to looking around my kitchen and realized it needed a little straightening up.  So I put away the grill pan and put my pizza stone in its rightful place behind the food pantry.  I wrapped up my little rice cooker, cleaned out my wine aerator and dusted off my tagine.  I threw away some arugula that was starting to turn.  I stacked up all of my cooking magazines and put my cookbooks back in their home on my bookshelf.  I then packed up my reusable shopping bags, threw on my Sox hat, and walked in the rain to the grocery store, excited to beat the crowd and make a little lunch before I head out to my parents'.

"Youuuuuuu might be a gourmet!" I said to myself yet again.

Huh.  Red-neck humor and gourmet cooking are two things I never thought I'd combine into a post.  I guess I'm just feeling a silly this morning.  But then again, isn't it fun to be silly every once in a while?

Enjoy your Saturday!

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Boston Food Diary said...

Hope you're having a great staycation! Great post- I love those days (or mornings)!

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