It's Too Hot To Cook Blueberry and Mandarin Salad

Whew!  Is it hot enough out there for you?

How many people asked you this today?  I counted three.  Every time I get asked this question I never know how to respond but as soon as that thermostat starts flirting with 90, it never fails.  A handful of people ask me that question.  But anyway, that's neither here nor there.  The main focus of tonight's post is all about avoiding the heat (boo) and enjoying the start to blueberry season (yay).  I love blueberries, big time and I love putting them into dishes you wouldn't expect.  I feel that oftentimes, the humble little blueberry is underestimated and only limited to desserts.  And in my book, that is soooo not the case!

Have you ever had big fresh blueberries in salad?  It's pairs so well with greens and tastes like summer in a bowl.  To accompany my greens and berries, I tossed in some mandarin orange slices and fresh-off the farm locally made basil and garlic goat cheese.  Then I topped it off with some crunchy chow mein noodles (I love putting these in salads.  It just adds another element to the salad and gives it some texture.) Then I dressed it all up with a simple dressing of raspberry vinegar, Dijon mustard, fresh basil, a little drizzle of honey and some salt and pepper.  Simply put, this salad just makes me happy.  Doesn't it just look beautiful?

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