Making A Mess Out Of Breakfast

About once a week, I like to have a "clean out the fridge day".  This always precedes a visit to the grocery store.  It only takes a couple of minutes and it helps avoid finding a mysterious something or other, months past its prime (yeck, huh?).  Today I started my ritual pre-breakfast and realized I was left with random bits of this and that that were still good, but would be tough to find a meal that would help me use them all up.  Starting to feel some pangs of hunger, I reached for a classic clean out the fridge staple of mine: The Messy Omelet.

The Messy Omelet is something that I created years ago when I was in the same predicament: lots of random little leftovers and the need to use them up.  This dish is so easy. All you need are eggs and bits of leftovers.  I had some mushrooms, roasted red peppers, a couple of bits of locally made goat cheese.  So I started thinly slicing the mushrooms and frying them up.  Then I added some leftover diced roasted red peppers.

After that was heated through, I combined a mixture of two egg whites and one whole egg to the pan.  And then swished around the eggs and vegetables until soft peaks of scrambled eggs started to form.  I then added the goat cheese and let it all come together in one giant heap of deliciousness.  Once the eggs were cooked through, I topped it all off with some flecks of sea salt, fresh ground pepper and chives.  It was delicious.

I call it a Messy Omelet because it has all of the components of an omelet but way easier.  I like the messy look of it too, biting in and getting little bits of everything, without the formal, put together look of a fancy omelet.  It makes for a great breakfast or it can even be a dinner if you'd like to throw in a side salad for good measure.  You also can keep things interesting by putting in anything your little heart desires.  Have some leftover spinach, feta and roasted red?  That works!  How about leftover sausage slices, cheddar cheese and hash brown potatoes?  Yum, right?  See how easy?


Erica Holthausen said...

Ah, the messy omelet! Perhaps the most perfect perfect use for the incredible, edible egg!

Megan said...

I do the same thing! Omelets made with random leftovers are usually even better than planned omelets... especially when there's lots of cheese in the fridge!

Fun and Fearless in Beantown said...

I do the same thing with egg white omelets and my leftover veggies. Have you thought about adding tortilla chips to your messy omelets? I bet they would add a nice crunch to the dish!

Beth B. said...

I tend to end with the messy omelet whenever I attempt the real thing with little success... When it comes to eggs, sometimes, the messier it is, the yummier it is!! :)

Anonymous said...

I have got to say I don't like omelets as a rule but I am intrigued with this idea!! I'll let you know how it comes out! Thanks.

Sara.S said...

Love this! We get new veggies and eggs from our farm share every Wednesday, so every Tuesday I try to use everything up. I looked in the fridge to see eggs, spinach, and heirloom tomato and thought of the messy omelet. Perfect! I also added chunks of cheddar, which I know you'd encourage. Thanks for another great idea!

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