A Sneak Peek At Tonight's Menu..And A Happy 4th To You!

I'm up already and giddy with excitement!  My menu is created and the grocery list is completed (I'll lose my mind and just wander the aisles aimlessly if I don't have one).  I really love the 4th of July; it encompasses all that is summer and I've got a line-up of summery themed foods to serve up tonight.  I'll give you all a play-by-play tomorrow of the menu but here's a little sneak peek:

  • Blueberry and Prosciutto Bruschetta (made from Pestos With Panache)
  • Pulled Pork Sliders with a Hard Cider Mustard Sauce
  • Grilled Corn Salad with Tomatoes and fresh mozzarella
  • Watermelon Blueberry Cocktails 
Mmmm, my mouth is watering just think of it all!  I've got just a few close friends coming over and we're going to play some games and then make our way down to the fireworks.  I can't wait.  But for now, I'm off to the grocery store and then it's back to my Small Boston Kitchen to get cooking!

Have a wonderful, happy and safe Forth of July!   


Sarah @ Semi-Sweet said...

Looks delicious! Happy 4th!

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Thanks Sarah, same to you!

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