Day 1: International Food Bloggers Conference

Hi from Seattle!  I have been up for 19 hours straight and in those hours, I've accomplished alot.  I flew across the country (which was quite a nice flight coming from a girl whose a little skittish when it comes to taking to the friendly skies), have eaten so many delicious little treats (some highlights being a perfectly season herb crusted lamb and caramelized carrot soup with coconut creme and a tiny little bahn mi sandwich that was so delicious, I can't wait to get into my Small Boston Kitchen to try to recreate it), and have met some amazing people (including Morgan Spurlock of the movie Super Size Me).  And this is just day one!

Seattle's a pretty cool city.  It's very laid back and has a very predominate art scene that seems to ripple through the city.  It's also a very green city (as in lots of super tall trees) and is very hilly, which for me is a nice little way to sneak in some cardio because everywhere we turn, there is more delicious food.  Score, huh?

So, before I turn in for the night (and get ready for day two) I wanted to share some highlights from today:

CHEESE Pairings!

Pom Juice and Herb-Crusted Lamb, is there a better start to the evening?
Walla Walla Wine Tasting
Cherry Tomato, Watermelon and Mozzarella Salad


Urban Spoon After Party

Can't wait to see what Day 2 has in store for us, but for right now, it's sooooo bed time!


Beth B. said...

Bring me back a cupcake!! :)

Chung said...

So happy you are having a fabulous time! Can't wait to read more about the trip!

Megan said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Rob Noel said...

Great post, Katie!
I am SO glad I escorted you over to the beefy Bahn Mi sandwich, which was the hightlight of the Friday Night Social, IMHO!

- Rob from the WA State Beef Commission (a guy with a wicked love for beef!)

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Thanks all!

Rob, seriously, cannot thank you enough for steering us in the right direction when it came to some seriously good eats!

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