Have you met Local In Season yet?

Local In Season 
If you haven't, please allow me to introduce you.  Local In Season is a group of passionate folks that for post after post, write about what they care about most: eating food that is produced and grown locally.  "..At Local In Season, it's about the food. Local food that is in season is better quality, and with a little knowledge, the meals you make will simply taste better. LIS is about providing you with that knowledge. It's simpler than you think. The great French chef, Alain Ducasse, has said that eighty-five percent of great cooking is starting with great ingredients. We are not great chefs, just amateurs with enthusiasm, but we whole-heartedly agree..." states their website and I agree.  Local food just tastes better.  Like the other LIS crew, I get a sinking feeling in late summer when I know that fresh tomatoes won't be at their best for almost a whole year (but then I perk up, thinking about crisp, juicy apples and pumpkin flavored things!).  As a blogger, I strive to make all of my recipes timely and based on what's readily available in Boston at a specific time of year.  No matter how good of a cook you are, if you're not using good, fresh ingredients, your food won't taste its best.  This week, I was honored by the opportunity to write a post on my simple Eggplant Parmesan recipe.  (To view that post, click HERE). 

Along with regular and guest contributors that provide recipes and other such "eating local" tips, Local In Season also provides helpful information on what is in season.  I know I find myself turning to their site often as a source for inspiration and at the start of each new season to see what is at its peak.  (Here's what's in season NOW).  They really do fantastic work educating people how to take advantage of all that this area has to offer.  If you haven't tooled around on their site yet, take a peek HERE.  Be sure to leave them a comment and say hello.  Remember, as food bloggers, we don't tend to make a lot (if any) money and we thrive on comments and support.  We're a passionate gang (otherwise we wouldn't commit the hours that we do) but getting connected with people and making a difference is really what makes us smile.  


Chung said...

Great article. I will definitely follow their blog. I had never heard of them but I will now become a fan. As always, thanks for all your great info and suggestions. They are priceless!

Megan said...

Hmm... I have tried twice now to leave a comment on your eggplant post on LIS, and my comment doesn't seem to stick. I wonder if it's something they can check into.

I thought it was so funny when I first read your post because I had just made eggplant parm too.

Meghan@travelwinedine said...

Great piece! I love Local in Season and would love to be able to become a guest poster for them!

Jon said...

Thanks so much for the love, Katie!

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