Piggin' Out at the Back Bay Social Club

Last night I met up with some fabulous folks from the Blogging community at the (relatively) newly opened Back Bay Social Club.  There, we sipped on beverages in their spacious and sleek dining room and then we pigged out on some pretty serious pork-related eats.  I love when great foodie minds come together to parrrrty!

Before I get to the food, first, let me start off by telling you a little about this new addition to Boylston Street fare.  Housed in what used to be a Vinny T's, the Back Bay Social Club aims to be a place for people to casually gather around drinks, eats and good company.  The atmosphere is comfortable, with bright red seats contrasted by deeply colored woods, vintage accents and shiny hardwood floors, it has that "Speakeasy" sort of feel to it.  It's two floors and ample space for crowds.  It also has a nice little sidewalk patio, although sadly, that won't be used for quite a while, now that we're approaching cooler months.

Now getting to all the food, there was just so much!  I liked how their items were made in-house (which makes things easier for a processed-free October!) We were first presented with the house garlic sausages, which were wrapped in homemade pretzels (man, ask the universe and you shall receive!) and served with a side of ale mustard.  These were buttery and addictive.  I tired to ignore the slick little pools of grease left by them (everything in moderation and balance, right?)

Next up was kielbasa slices served up in a bourbon sauce with chunks of pineapple.  My inner-Pollack was thrilled to see these guys placed in front of us!

After that, we were presented with white Russians.  It was an interesting choice for a palate cleanser but I went with it..

Next on the list was fresh slices of ham served on baguette slices with arugula and a red pepper relish..

And then was my favorite, cheese boards!  Served with honey, baguette slices, arugula and a delicious jammy spread, I was all over this!

Wow, as I'm reviewing all of this I'm getting full all over again at how much we ate!  And I'm still not done yet!  The next one is a little crazy here and something I had never actually tried before, head cheese?  I say that with a question because I know it's components are rather "unique" and I'm not exactly sure all of what's it (and I'd prefer it that way, thank you very much).  However, living by my policy of trying (almost) everything once, I gave it a shot.  I'm not so sure I'd jump back into a giant helping of this.  It's just not for me.

And then...it was on to desserts.  We were presented with FIVE different kinds.  The desserts went pretty quickly!  My favorite of the bunch was this amazing peanut butter and jelly concoction.  Mmmm...

I rounded out dinner with a rich and foamy decaf cappuccino and then went home, desperate to put on some sweatpants and relax after a wickedly fun night of eating!

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renh said...

Oh my! I literally drooled while reading this!

christine said...

that spread looks fantastic! so glad you guys had a porkalicious time. and, just for the record, i'd be more than happy to take care of any leftover head cheese in the future :)

Daisy said...

I wrote the same thing about the Head "Cheese". (will be publishing later today.) It's just NOT for me, but I'm like you, I'll try anything once.

There is nothing decaf about the espresso i consumed. I was up all night.

Megan said...

I don't know that I'd go for the head cheese either. Everything else looks really tasty though. So glad you got more pretzels!

Anonymous said...

So nice finally meeting you! Love your pic of the swords and meat candy :)

Barbara | VinoLuciStyle said...

Hehe...no head cheese for me either but everything else sounds amazing; I want some of those little sausages in the pretzel...they sound positively addictive. Thanks for sharing!

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