In The Kitchen With Chef Vosika, The Four Seasons, Boston

Chef Brooke Vosika, The Four Seasons, Boston
Last week I had the divine pleasure of meeting and cooking with Chef Brooke Vosika of the famed Four Seasons Hotel.  I didn't realize how many pictures I took until I got home, it seems I was a little more snap-happy than usual so for this post, I'm going to let the pictures do the talking and tell the story..

The table was set in the kitchen..
..with a cutting board, knives and a glass of wine
Richard, Rachel, Megan and Meghan listened attentively the Chef talk
Then Megan helped Chef break down a chicken
And it was into the kitchen while Will, Richard and Michelle looked on
Then the snacks starting coming out..mini buffalo brussel sprouts
An array of meats..
..and cheese :)
..and pork belly
Then we got a tour..did you know they dry age their own meat? 
We were lucky enough to get to try a bit..pardon the expression, but O..M..G
Then we ate the scallop chowder that we made.  (Secret ingredient? Gin!)
For the main course, we had chicken and dumplings
...and then it was on to dessert..
..warm chocolate molten cake with berries and vanilla ice cream
And then I spent the rest of the evening in a delirious food coma.  Such a fun evening and worth every single last calorie.  Very special thanks to the folks at Boston's Four Seasons Hotel as well as to Chef Vosika for allowing us bloggers the opportunity to cook in his kitchen.  It was a real honor.


Kathy at the Boston Sports Woman said...

I have to have that dessert!

Nancy said...

What a fabulous experience! Everything looks delicious....I always knew a good cook had a glass of wine in one hand....no wonder it always tastes so good! Pictures are so remarkably clear! Nice job Chef Katie!!

Heather (All Sizzle No Steak) said...

Wow those desserts look criminal!

Lizzy said...

What an event! Buffalo Brussel Sprouts! I want those... your pictures look gorgeous.

Fun and Fearless in Beantown said...

I had such a fun time at the class and I also loved the scallop chowder for dinner last night (Megan let me take hers too because Jeff is allergic to shellfish)!

Megan said...

Such a fun night! So good to see you there!

Jen said...

YUM the food looks amazing. What a great evenging.

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