Lots Of Sauce And The Final Class!

This morning on my way to school, which just so happens to be my last day of class before my review, practicum and final, I got to thinking. Maybe it was because I was so tired and my mind was just in a wandering sort of place, but there's so much I'm going to miss about school. I have a love-hate relationship with my commute but I couldn't help feeling sort of nostalgic about it today. Taking the Green line to the Red line, climbing that giant escalator in Porter Square and the newsstand guy that is always so determined to talk to me and who I can't help but smile at. I'm going to miss the smell of the kitchen first thing in the morning - a combination of coffee and veal stock that's usually simmering away. I'll also miss the guys in the purchasing room. (Anyone who has ever attended CSCA has a soft spot for Ralph's vibrantly bubbly personality and Ever's quiet sweetness.) Then, of course, the biggest thing that I will miss is seeing my new family of friends from school, weekly. They've made me laugh so hard I cried (several times) and I couldn't have hand picked a better group of people to have an experience such as this with. 

Of all that I'll miss, there's also some that I won't - for starters, the silly pants that I have to wear (which I affectionately refer to as my "fancy pants" but others in the industry call "checks"). I also won't miss the hour (or so) long commute, trudging to school, eyes still sleepy and my hair tied up in a knot on top of my head, lugging around my chef's bag and knives. I also won't miss having to study for quizzes. (Does anyone ever like taking quizzes anyway?) 

In addition to reflecting on what I'll miss (and what I won't..) I've also thought about how much this experience has changed me. I will never think of food the same way again and to me, that's a good thing. I feel as though I've gotten exactly what I came for: a solid foundation of knowledge to build upon further. I love that there's never an end to learning about food. There's always new flavors and combinations to discover and new techniques to try. Through school, I've also become more critical and analytical of what's on my plate and for that I am grateful as it will only strengthen my skills and make me better in my own kitchen.

Throughout this post I've also sprinkled in pictures of one of our last classes, devoted to practicing the Mother Sauces (Velote, Espagnole, Hollandaise, Mayonnaise, Bechamel (and Marinara). So many sauces, right? Next week I have a review on Monday, my practicum on Tuesday and then the final on Saturday. Then, if all goes well, graduation!


Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic said...

Wow that went quick! I love reading about your culinary school adventures. So great and inspiring to read how much this experience changed and affected the way you think about food. Good luck with the finals!

ashleigh said...

That went by so fast! Congrats on being almost done. What's up next?! Good luck preparing for practicum and your final

Daisy said...

holy sauce! I can't believe it's almost graduation time. good luck on all those finals!

Megan said...

When I left Flour, I did a whole post on what I would miss and what I wouldn't. We have some similar things... you won't miss the silly pants... I didn't miss the chef coats and aprons!

Congrats on making it to the last day!

aimee said...

fancy pants!!! love it!

i will miss your school posts, but i am so excited to follow along on your future culinary adventures, SBK and beyond.

i will never forget how impressed i was reading your "i quit my job and i am going to culinary school" post...and since then we met and have become friends and i know more than ever how truly awesome you are!

good luck with all of your final stuff - can't wait to buy you a drink to celebrate! xo

Jen said...

Awww - so sad but happy that you're almost done! I won't miss you being busy Monday and Tuesday nights because of school!

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