Bacon Takedown 2011, Somerville, MA

The Armory in Somerville, if you've never been before, is a pretty cool building. Seemingly out of place in its neighborhood setting, the Armory's bright white sloping sides and castle-like look reveal an inside that is funky and artistic with a bright purple ceiling and large, half moon-sized windows. Usually housing events like concerts and workshops, yesterday, the Armory was the site of Bacon Throwdown 2011. This challenge pitted home cooks against each other to see who could create the most delicious bacon laced treat and I had the pleasure of being invited by the people at Hormel to grab a plate and join in on the fun.

With that lovely smell of bacon hanging thickly in the air, eager pork fans lined up to fill their plates with a variety of treats. Popular items included different versions of bacon brownies - bacon cheesecake brownies, bacon toffee brownies and classic brownies topped with bacon crumbles. Also present was the popular and now seemingly classic combination of bacon and chocolate served up in different ways, such as s'mores and waffles, both featuring chocolate drenched bacon.

On the savory side, bacon was the star of a mac and cheese dish, a bacon-potato-tomato soup and my personal favorite, an Asian-inspired braised pork topped with pickled vegetables and tucked away into a steamed bun.

I ask, is there any better to pay homage to such a honorable ingredient? I think not. I left with my belly full and the strong desire to have a vegetable or two.

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Jen said...

Who doesn't love bacon?!? Sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon.

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