Is Boston's Best Burger at Market?

"Market Cheeseburger, Russian Dressing, $16" printed plainly and simply in black and white is how the menu at Market reads. Because of this, I think it's an easy one to overlook and write off as another fancy restaurant that only put a burger on it's menu out of obligation. However, burger lovers out there, don't make that assumption and pass up this burger because if you do, you'll be missing out on arguably one of my new favorite burgers.

This particular burger is not a new addition to my favorites list because it's flashy or takes risks and utilizes unique ingredients. Instead, it's just a big, classic-style burger, done right and seasoned really well - it's everything you'd want a good burger to be - juicy, salty and kissed with a bit of char. Additionally, there was a nice thick layer of cheese that held on tight to my burger and could actually be tasted with each bite, a quality that is sometimes difficult to find. The advertised Russian dressing was a small smear on the top of the heavily seeded sesame bun. It doesn't play a major part in the overall taste but it does help to give that burger a last little boost of flavor, making it a standout.

The fries, like the burger, were everything you'd want a good french fry to be - hot, crispy and salty. They had a rich and deep potato flavor to them, a weird comment I realize, but true nonetheless and the best way I can describe it. The entire meal comes in a straightforward presentation with the burger served open faced and the fries neatly organized into a little cone. There's no tricks here, there's no fanfare, just honesty.

While $16 might sound a little pricey for a burger (it's $14 at lunch), for my money, I'd prefer to spend the extra couple dollars on something stellar than save a couple dollars and have something less then good. In terms of Market itself, the atmosphere is trendy and just like the food, precise in its approach and all around, definitely a place not to miss.


Boston Food Diary said...

YAY! A good burger! Sometimes when I read your reviews- I get sad about all the bad burgers our there- today I am happy for a come from behind win!

Jen said...

So glad to hear you found a good burger! It does sound delicious.

Elizabeth said...

Russian dressing alone would entice me. I love that stuff. That burger is so tall!! I've had a few desserts from Market that have been great.

Elina (Healthy and Sane) said...

Market is one of the places I keep thinking about going back to over and over (and that rarely happens, I have short attention span with restaurants, lol). Definitely a great place... good to know the burger is solid too :)

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