Blackstrap Barbecue, Winthrop, MA

Do you know where Winthrop, MA is? Because up until about two weeks ago, I couldn't have picked it out on the map and it took a Barbecue place, Blackstrap Barbecue to be specific, to bring me to this cute little seaside town.

If it weren't for the flashy chalk art on the windows and walls and the music set to a couple of notches below a roar, it might be easy to pass up Blackstrap Barbecue. The restaurant itself is small, providing only enough seating for about 30 or so people, plus a couple of outside tables. Upon entering, I was welcomed by friendly staff who were eager to walk me through the menu and help me make my selection. Wanting to give a couple menu options a try (it's only fair, right?) I split the trio plate ($15.99) with my dining companion, which included our choice of three meats, two sides and an order of cornbread. We selected the smoked chicken, burnt brisket ends and pulled pork and had it served with their creamed sweet corn and collard greens.

The food came out quickly and to the tune of the White Stripes, we dug in. The burnt ends were my favorite. So tender and full of smoky flavor, you didn't really need any of the seven homemade sauces to dip it in, the flavor carried through all on its own. We were also served two hearty chunks of chicken that's flavors were punctuated when paired up with their hot barbecue sauce, which started off sweet before building into a tangy, yet powerful heat - my kind 'a sauce! Last but not least, we sampled the pulled pork which also had that welcoming, smokiness to it and while it could have been just a tad more tender for my liking, it was great paired with their Sweet Sauce, that, while mellow, still packed in some great flavor.

Moving on to the sides, the creamed corn provided a nice, rich sweetness that was a cooling welcome after all the smoky meats. The collards, on the other hand, were some of the best I've had. Perfectly soaked with a sweet brown sugar and a smooth molasses flavor. The cornbread was more of dense cake than a traditional cornbread but it served its purpose, being a great vehicle to mop up all the various sauces left streaked across our plates. Overall, we left with our bellies full, our craving for good barbecue quelled and plans to return.

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Jen said...

I love some really good pulled pork. I have no idea where Winthrop is either, but I'll be sure to keep this place in mind if I'm ever near there.

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