A New Dishwasher for the SBK!

Last week, I couldn't help but feel I have a kitchen fairy godmother. I had just been complaining, and I mean really complaining about how annoying it is to do dishes. You see, my Small Boston Kitchen wasn't blessed with a dishwasher and sometimes I feel like I spend more time washing dishes and cleaning my kitchen than I actually spend preparing the meal itself. It's annoying, but I'm a kind of a neat freak when it comes to my kitchen, so I deal with the hours of washing and scrubbing and drying because it means I get to do what I love best, and in clean space.

Getting back to last week and my kitchen fairy godmother, out of the blue I received an email from a representative at Air and Water Inc.. They wanted to see if I was interested in testing out the NewAir ADW-2600W portable dishwasher, and get this, it's specially designed for small kitchens! Like a kid on Christmas morning I eagerly opened up the packaging to reveal a shiny new dishwasher. It's white exterior reveals plenty of room to hold six place settings.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the person to call when there's some assembling needed or fixing required but the dishwasher was surprisingly easy to assemble. It was just a matter of plugging in some cords and I was on my way to clean dishes. It has 5 different settings, Heavy, Normal, Light, Speed Wash and Soak and runs quietly, which is an added perk.

I find that most city dwellers are in similar situations. Our buildings are small and for those that like to cook it's a pain to clean up. Having a mini dishwasher around takes the pain out of it and puts the emphases in the kitchen back to where it should be...the cooking.


Anonymous said...

Nice! You tell them if they have a portable washing machine they need tested...I'm their gal :) Congrats!

dan said...

wtf you got a dishwasher from blogging? Best i ever got was 20 lbs of meat. oh, and a job or two haha.

Does this thing go into the wall or just kinda roll around wherever you wanna put it? does it use water from the sink or you need a hook-up? It confuses me. I need answers!

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

To answer your questions Dan, it goes wherever you want to put it and it just hooks up to my faucet. It comes with all the adapters so really it's just a matter of screwing everything into place and getting started.It's not very big at all, it's only 17 inches tall, 21 inches wide and just under 20 inches deep...it's awesome!

dan said...

wow. that IS awesome!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?!? You're going to be the next "Giada" on TV!! That is so awesome....Congratulations and Happy Cooking!!!!

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