Apples to Apples at the BCAE

I never knew how much I like to teach. Standing in front of the class in my chef's coat, I feel totally at home talking about food. This shouldn't come as a surprise to me, I've never been one to have a loss of words, especially when the subject is something that I'm so passionate about. Additionally, it never ceases to amaze me how easily food connects people and how eager people are to learn all about it, which makes teaching all the more enjoyable for me.

Yesterday morning, Burger Boy and I taught "Apples to Apples" at the Boston Center for Adult Education. Within minutes of the class starting, a bunch of strangers worked as a team to create a killer three-course meal and leave, three hours later, feeling like they've accomplished something. The class that we created was devoted to the classic fall favorite, the apple. Based on the premise that a big majority of New Englanders visit apple orchards this time of year, only to return home and make the same old apple pies, apple sauces and cakes, we wanted to teach a class that showed the many more possibilities an apple can have. Our menu for the three-hour class was:

Apple Bacon Jam with Cinnamon Spiced Toast Points

 Chicken Breast with Spiced Apple-Cranberry Stuffing

Twice-baked Apple Sweet Potatoes 

Homemade Apple Cider Doughnuts

As this was a basic class, we created a menu that was simple, yet still provided many techniques. Throughout class, we talked about how interchangeable these recipes are and we gave additional suggestions and ideas. I had planned to snap some pictures of the class; I wanted to capture some action shots of knives snapping away and prep bowls full of apple scraps. But somewhere between the meeting and greeting and apple talk, we got to work in the kitchen and before I knew it, we were eating apple-themed dishes and class was over.

Wanting to get our star ingredient straight from the source, our apples came from Honey Pot Orchards in Stowe, MA. We had a lot of fun picking them as well as brushing up on our apple knowledge (did you know that the crabapple is the only apple native to North America?) We also decided that it was our responsibility to sample cider doughnuts in all of their cinnamon-sugar glory. 

Next Sunday, we are teaching a class on Appetizers that are easy to make and even easier to transport. There are still a few seats left if you're interested in joining the fun! 


Daisy said...

teaching a class seems right up your alley! what a delicious sounding menu.

Elizabeth said...

I want to see pics of the donuts you made!! I got donuts at Brooksby Farm yesterday but they were disappointing. Cannot wait to get good donuts.

Nanette said...

How exciting this sounds!! Your menu for the class sounds delicious. Any chance you will be posting the recipes?

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