Breakfast: Bulgur "Oatmeal" with Chia Seeds and Fresh Berries

Like clockwork, this time of year I always look back on what I ate over the holiday weekend and I start to feel, well, gross. While I don't believe in diets, I do believe in making smart eating choices and keeping my diet varied with different grains, fruits and vegetables. I feel that lately my focus has been on healthful lunches and dinners, but what about breakfast? I find that I usually fall victim to a meager bowl of cereal, which is all fine and good but only keeps my hunger at bay for about an hour. It was clear that some new breakfast recipes had to be created.

Bulgur isn't usually a typical breakfast favorite, at least not in this country, but in my opinion it should be. When made with a touch of vanilla yogurt, dried cranberries, cinnamon and brown sugar, the flavor is very similar to oatmeal, but with a texture I find more satisfying. Best yet, this breakfast is warm and perfect for a chilly morning and hearty enough to keep me full until lunch. Chia seeds, my new find, are sprinkled on top just before serving to not only supply a delightful little crunch, but also an added boost of nutrients. Chia seeds, if you haven't had much experience with them, are little flecks of seeds packed with Omega-3's, a bunch of calcium, protein and other stuff that's important to your body.

From start to finish this recipe will take you about 30 minutes, which may be a bit too long for some on a busy work day. To solve that problem, I recommend making a big batch of it on a Sunday and then storing it in the fridge, taking a bit out at a time and microwaving it until warm. Creamy and spiked with cinnamon, sweet from berries and brown sugar and the subtle little pop of Chia seeds, this Bulgur "Oatmeal" makes for a great change of pace first thing in the morning.

Bulgur "Oatmeal" with Chia Seeds and Fresh Berries

1 cup bulgar wheat
1/4 cup cranberries
1/2 cup Vanilla Greek Yogurt
1 cinnamon stick
Brown Sugar, to taste
A generous pinch of salt
5-6 fresh berries, rinsed
Chia Seeds for topping

Heat a pan to medium hi heat and ad the bulgar and then add just enough water to totally cover the wheat. Keep some extra water handy because you'll probably need to ad some more as the water gets absorbed. Add the cranberries and cinnamon stick along with the salt, brown sugar and cinnamon stick (Alternatively, you could just use a couple pinches of cinnamon if you don't have cinnamon sticks) Let the pot simmer until the bulgar gets soft but still has some bite to it (about 25-30 minutes). Remove the cinnamon stick and add the Greek yogurt. Stir to combine and adjust flavors if needed. Serve warm and top with fresh berries or other fruit and sprinkle Chia seeds or flax seeds on top.


Michelle Collins said...

I really need to get my hands on some chia seeds. This looks so delicious and healthy!

Margaret said...

For more information about chia seeds, and some recipe ideas, check out my website: www.chiativity.org

Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic said...

Ohhh very cool. I love oatmeal and other grains that resemble it. I've never cooked with bulgar before and I am definitely intrigued by it!

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