On Food Photography

Valentine's Day Dinner Paella
One thing that I hadn't expected when I started my blog was how much I'd like the photography side of things. I've come to love obsessing about angles and learning about the way light works with (or against) things. I use two cameras, one a Cannon G11, which I use to take most of my shots, and the second, my iPhone. Usually used less frequently, however, through the discovery of my new favorite app, Instargram, my iPhone has played a much more important role in my photographic education. 

Brunch Tea at East by Northeast
Fried Quail Egg 
Instagram allows me to manipulate pictures in fun and creative ways by changing backgrounds, color and lighting in ways that my other camera can't do. For that reason, I like to think of my trusty G11 as my "serious" camera and what I use to take my real shots and my iPhone shots as fun, little creative expressions of food. Through my blog, I document my more "serious" photos, but wanted to take a moment to share a collection of fun photos that I've taken using my iPhone. As I explore food photography even more, I'm planning to share more collections of photos. It's through photography that I feel that I can look at my work on a deeper level and get even more creative freedom, something that got me into food in the first place. This post is dedicated to some of my favorite Instagram shots - enjoy!

Afternoon snack - Blueberry White Chocolate Cookie with Chai Latte 
Blueberry White Chocolate Cookie Close-Up


Daisy said...

i have a slight obsession with instagram!! (for all the fun reasons you mentioned.) lovely shots.

Elizabeth said...

Chai lattes make so many things that much better!

Jen at The Three Little Piglets said...

I know what you mean - if you'd have ever told me the only thing on my camera would be 100 shots of the cookies I just made, I'd have thought you'd gone round the bend!

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