Mike and Patty's, Bay Village

I usually have a running spreadsheet going of restaurants that I want to try (nerd alert, right?) and while there are a good number of high end places on my list, there's also a significant representation from the lower end places that I feel, as a resident of Boston, I should visit. Mike and Patty's is just such a place, sitting high on my list for quite some time, but for whatever reason, I hadn't made it over there. The stars were aligned this past week and we happened to be in the area and in need of breakfast so we popped into this tiny, Bay Village spot.

I've always thought that I had one of the smallest kitchens in Boston but Mike and Patty's has me beat by a long shot, especially when you consider that there are a couple of people working in this teeny tiny open kitchen spot that only has enough seating for six. We were lucky to snag a seat after placing our order. The place itself, while small in stature, has that homey, Mom and Pop feel to it. With chalkboard menus and beverages and pastries on display, it feels like this place has been there forever, but surprisingly enough, it's only been there since 2008, when two Formaggio alums, Mike and Patty, took over the space.

We each ordered a breakfast sandwich; the Bacon and Egg Classic, a fried egg with cheese served up on an English Muffin ($4). I opted to sub out the Bacon for Peameal, something I fell in love with in Canada, but haven't seen too much of here. While it tasted more like thick slabs of plain old Canadian bacon than Peameal bacon, a more flavorful, cornmeal laced cousin, it was still incredibly satisfying and just plain good. It's a simple dish that's been done a thousand times over, but it was one of the most satisfying breakfast sandwiches that I've had in a long time. While we ate, I got snap happy with my Instagram - I just can't stop!

I was able to snag a bite of Richard's Turkey Croque Madame ($10.25), a hearty open-faced sandwich that was spiked with a Dijon-Creme Fraiche, providing a nice creaminess to the sandwich with a tangy bite. The sandwich was topped by a healthy amount of melted gruyere and a perfectly cooked egg with a sunny yellow center that gracefully worked its way across the plate, further adding to the sandwich's richness.

After my visit to Mike and Patty's, it's easy to see why it's such a local favorite, as well as gets some national attention. While it's not the sort of place where you can take a large crowd or plan to even get a seat, it's definitely worth the visit. With simple menu offerings cooked well and with creative twists, it's quickly earned a place in my heart and I plan to return to frequently.

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Daisy said...

this is one spot that has always been on my list, too! why I still haven't paid them a visit is a travesty!

love the instagrams :)

Colleen @ Culinary Colleen said...

It looks like I need to add this to my growing list of places to try! That Croque Madame looks insanely good. I'm also a sucker for hole-in-the-wall, mom and pop places! They always have a special charm.


Wow. I am drooling. What a delicious way to start the day! Love your Instagram shots. I'm addicted to the app as well.

Wendy said...


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