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In a strange twist of events, just after midnight last night, I found myself dressed up in my yoga gear, laying on my back, staring at the ceiling of a cozy studio while I started stretching to begin my workout - by no means my usual Sunday routine. I had been invited to attend a Midnight Bodytalk, hosted by Astrid Bengtson, owner of Bodytalk Factory, an intimate studio located on Endicott Street (right near Pizzeria Regina). This class is specially designed for industry workers that are used to being on their feet all day and work long, strenuous hours. The class itself lasts 75 minutes and is followed by a little after party, complete with libations and snacks catered by Astrid's husband, Sam, the Executive Chef at JM Curley

I really wasn't sure what to expect when I walked into the studio but after seeing some familiar faces (there were only three of us in the class), I knew I was in for some fun. To add to the evening, a photographer and reporter from the Boston Globe were there, snapping pictures and interviewing us as we started our midnight routine of stretching and strengthening. 

Astrid was very friendly and knowledgeable when it came to our workout, teaching in a way that makes you feel relaxed and at ease. As you can imagine, most exercises focused on our shoulders and backs. I was surprised to find that I wasn't tired and that I could actually feel the tension releasing. After our workout, a bucket of beer and shots of Fernet were poured while snacks with a Swedish flair were served up, a nod to Astrid's roots. The party went until 4 AM (!!) and I was amazed to not feel tired and in fact, the opposite, energized and relaxed. Until the alarm went off at 8 AM, that is..

For those of you reading this post and thinking that hell would have to freeze over before you went to a midnight workout session, fear not, there are other classes offered as well and designed for different industries and careers. Additionally, you can schedule a private session with Astrid to get some one-on-one attention, if that's more your style. Me? I'm surprising myself by saying this, but I'd like to stick with the midnight workout and would definitely go again. 

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brookem said...

That sounds awesome! For people who work random, off hour shifts, I always wish there were more classes like this. Also, ending the evening (...starting the morning?) at jm Curley isn't bad either!

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