What's the {International, Non-Denominational, Bi-Partisan Chicken} Soup?

It just so happened that I was at Fenway's newest restaurant, Happy's, two nights in a row last week. The first, to check out their Tuesday night special, "Attack of the Killer Meatball", a whopping 1 lb ball that comes balanced with homemade pasta and some garlic bread slices. Richard was writing a story on it for Boston Magazine and I was joining him as his trusty photographer, there to snap shots of the massive plate of food. The following night, I was there for some lighter fare and to meet up with Heather, from What's the Soup. We had stopped in to sample the International, Non-Denominational, Bi-Partisan Chicken Soup. With a name like that, I wasn't sure what to expect, however, I was pleasantly surprised.

Soon after ordering , the soup arrived in a white porcelain bowl, atop a small plate with vintage accents around the rim - a nice presentation for a comfort food classic. The soup itself was a basic chicken broth with chunky bits of carrots, celery, onion and mushrooms along with shreds of chicken. To me, the real fun started with all of the starchy components - rice, fregula and matzoh balls swam happily in the bowl. One could argue that it's too much for one bowl but to my starch lovin' heart, I liked the variety and abundance and the combo of the three provided great textural contrasts. Hearty rice, rich and tender fregula with a unique firmness to it and flavorful, yet soft matzoh balls. Classic or not, this soup is all about the textures and starches and I liked it.

The atmosphere at Happy's is an interesting one depending on the night you visit. Due to it's proximity to the Park, my first night there revealed a boisturous atmosphere with Red Sox fans enjoying a post-game bite and drink. The second night I was there, the atmosphere was a little more subdued, but still very lively with a healthy mix of those enjoying a post-work cocktail. The decor is interesting with vintage posters, couches and chairs of varying sizes situated throughout the bar, which give it a "sitting in someone's living room" type feel while the dining room has graffiti walls and crystal chandeliers. Despite being open for a short time, the service was friendly and prompt and with a menu full of classic comfort/cafeteria style menu options, there's now another option for your Game Day eats. 

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