Mohegan Sun, Bobby Flay and a Special Evening at JM Curley's

Bobby Flay
Out of nowhere, we had quite the weekend. Earlier in the week, we planned to have a quiet night in on Friday, work on Saturday and relax on Sunday and I couldn't wait. Sweatpants and some lazy lounging on the couch were sounding pretty good. But then, we got invited to Mohegan Sun to check out the Sun WineFest so we shuffled around a few things on our Friday afternoon schedule and off we went. We unfortunately didn't have long to stay because we had a busy Saturday but we were able to hang out just long enough to run into a couple of local chefs (Jasper White and Andy Husbands) and to win $150 on a flashy Wheel of Fortune penny slot machine. It was pretty exciting. 

Mohegan Sun
Setting up for our "One Pot" class at the BCAE
We woke up bright and early on Saturday to get back to Boston in time to teach a class at the BCAE before  jetting over to Newton to cater a private dinner party. Before we collapsed, we popped into an art show that was being held in the back of Brookline Liquors. Our friend Mike was catering the evening and his wife's art was on display. It wasn't too long until we passed out and slept for a very long time.

Richard and Bobby, after our chat

The Santa Fe Burger
On Sunday, we had been invited to the opening of Bobby Flay's first Boston area restaurant, Bobby's Burger Palace at the Burlington Mall. We had the opportunity to chat with him for a bit before the event started and he was terribly genuine and honest in chat, not to mention, very down to earth. While the majority of the talking revolved around burgers, we also talked about his involvement in his restaurants. Joking that he doesn't get much credit for his presence in his spots, he said that most people are surprised to see him there since they assume he spends his time and energy on tv, instead of worrying about what goes on in his own restaurants. We also talked about how hard it is to maintain a healthy weight while being passionate about food and around it all the time. While admitting that it's not easy, he said his trick is to work out every day (Chef Flay prefers a morning routine) and he subscribes to the philosophy that he can eat whatever he wants, just watches the portions. He's also selective about what he eats and only picks things that he especially enjoys, not wasting calories on those things he doesn't like. Simple, but good advice. 

The Santa Fe Burger at Bobby's Burger Palace
Sweet Potato Fries at Bobby's Burger Palace
After we had our fill of burgers (the Santa Fe was my pick, medium rare, cheesy, and spiked with heat and crunch from some blue tortilla chips) fries (extra crunchy and well seasoned Sweet Potato fries) and shakes (the Pistachio shake is of particular note...creamy, nutty and just really good, it's a must!), we were headed back to the City to attend a very special dinner at JM Curley

If you haven't heard, JM Curley is doing some really amazing things. We were first introduced to these guys last year when we got invited in to try their burger. Since then we've become good friends with everyone over there and that's one of our favorite spots. Last night, they closed down the place to welcome local celebrity Chef Jamie Bissonnette and Top Chef alum, Edward Lee. This was the first of many Sunday evening dinners that will host well-known chefs from across the country (yes, country!) to cook for 24 lucky diners and then again on Monday for an open to the public brunch. All of the proceeds from the dinner go towards charity. Here's a peek at the menu:

Pickled Fried Island Creek Oysters
Leeks, Radishes, Haikuri Turnips, Chili Threads

Frog Legs in Bourbon Butter Fish Sauce
Celery, Brown  Butter Bits, Cilantro, Asian Pear Puree

Adobo Fried Chicken
Radishes, Thai Chilis, Red Sorrel, Cherry Tomato, Dill, Buttermilk Dressing

Escargot alla Coppa
Snails, Smoked Bone Marrow, Kohlrabi, Black Garlic and Celtuce

Octopus Ramen Bolognese 
Squid Ink Pasta, Sea Urchin, Bottarga

Ribeye with Lemongrass-Habanero
Oxtail with Gravy Grits, Cured Egg Yolk, Red Vinegar Syrup

All of the courses were expertly paired with an adult beverage ranging from various wines, to beers and specialty cocktails and following the meal, everyone got to socialize with the chefs and chat with them. They have many more of these coming up and though they are pretty tight-lipped about who some of the chefs they have committed to this series of dinners, the smirks on all of their faces let us know that it's going to be an exciting year for them. 


Michelle Collins said...

For some reason, I would think Bobby Flay would have a bit of an ego - but it's awesome to hear that he's a down to earth dude in person! Sounds like quite the fun/busy weekend!


What a great line up of events! Bobby Flay recently did a collaboration with our of my agency's clients and they had nothing but great things to say about him, his team and the food. The JM Curley menu looks very adventurous! Thank you for sharing.

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