Laying Down the Foundation

A question that I’ve been wrestling with and mulling over for quite some time is, what is my cooking philosophy? Or as it is sometimes referred to, what is my cooking perspective? What’s that constant thread that runs through my culinary creations; a thesis, my objective, what my cooking means and stands for? I think you get the point and I think it is important for me to spell it out and capture it on paper (or I guess in this case, capture this foundation out there in the blogasphere). I think it has taken me so long to make this important declaration because I grappled with that very question: What does all this mean?

And I think I found my answer.

There are many things that I think describe my cooking and provide me with the blueprints for any creation. My cooking is honest. It’s fresh and it’s all homemade and original. It is designed to make you want to slow down and put any stresses aside so that you can savor it. Simply put, it invokes that feeling of “Oh my God, this is good”.

Not to get political on you, but I think that our nation really is in the midst of a food crisis. With fast food intake on the rise and fewer people spending money on what they eat and even less time enjoying it, it is evident that changes must be made. And that is what I am setting out to do, create fresh and easy recipes that can impress as well as nourish the soul and body. Now, before you mistake me for a “health nut” (I’m not) please understand that I am simply out to make good food taste great. While it’s true that you won’t see mounds of butter, oils, sugars, and salts in my creations as that’s a sure-fire way to loose the actual flavor of what’s on your plate. You also won’t find the use of a microwave or any prepackaged, chemically enhanced anything. What you will see is honest food, creatively combined and artistically positioned so that it pleases all of the senses and makes your soul smile. While my cooking naturally leans a little heavily on the Mediterranean side (drawing on inspiration from Italy , Greece and Spain ), I will also infuse these influences into other cuisines found globally as well as pull from ideas that originated domestically, creating a hodgepodge of yummyness.

My cooking is meant to excite and my blog is meant to inspire and to encourage you to stay in for a night, dust of those pots and pans and to create.. I encourage you to try my ideas and to tweak them to align with your tastes. Take it all in. The smells, the colors the sounds of sizzle, and enjoy the journey to the end product.

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