Buzz On Over To The Beehive

Ohhh Restaurant Week, you're back! I've missed you so..with your 3 course meals for $33 a piece, I wish you came more than twice a year..

Last night was a particularly special night as it marked my 29th birthday and what a fantastic celebration it was! Not only was it restaurant week, but I found my self surrounded by some of the most amazing people that I have ever met and that I am lucky enough to call close personal friends.  The evening was absolutely perfect.

I ventured out of my Small Boston Kitchen on one of the first genuinely nice Boston nights and buzzed over (sorry, couldn't help it) to the South End to the Beehive (www.beehiveboston.com).  There is just so much that is cool about this place, I honestly don't know where to begin.  For one, they have live music every night of the week which automatically makes the evening seem all the more special.  From the moment I walked in, I was in awe of it all.  It sort of takes a second to take it all in as you walk down carpeted stairs and find yourself standing in the middle of all the action.  With beautifully bright Bohemian /Vintage decor and soft lighting, it's the kind of place that just makes you want to linger a little longer over a drink and just enjoy it all.

To start, my friends and I bellied up to the bar for a drink and some appetizers while we were waiting for everyone to arrive.  Being my birthday and all, I started with their special blood orange martini that was so refreshing and perfectly shaken, that I'm pretty sure time actually stopped.  We decided to order a little snack to tide us over and settled on their sage and sea salt fries that were AMAZING, fresh hand cut half moons of crispy yet still pillowy potato goodness.  The unique thing about it, the sage was actually fried and remained crispy so you'd get a subtle crunch as you munched.

When everyone had arrived, we were seated at a cute little table that had kitschy beehive salt and pepper shakers in the center.  Diving into the menu, we all took advantage of the restaurant week special (which provided us with our choice of one of three apps, one of three entrees, and one of two desserts)  I opted for the falafel salad with yogurt dressing, (I chose this because before last night, believe it or not, I had never had falafel before and I wanted to see what it was all about) chicken piccata with sage gnocchi (I can't pass up gnocchi, ever) and the homemade butterscotch pudding with pretzel praline.  (Sweet meets salty? Yes, please.) All were fantastic and the portions were large enough to make me believe that I am still full from it all.  Fortunately, we had a great bottle of wine to wash it all down (a 2006 red that hailed from Puglia, Italy).

If you haven't had a chance to make it over to check it out, bee (hehee) sure to make time to see what the buzz (okay, I'll stop, I swear) is all about!

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A very special thanks to all that made my 29th so special....I am one of the luckiest girls there is.


Anonymous said...

What a perfect way to celebrate your birthday! A belated Happy Birthday to you!

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Thank you very much!

Daniele Mathras said...

That was just about one of my favorite Tuesdays ever :)

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Mine too D! Hurry on back here!

Karen Zgoda said...

I am in love with your comment:

"Being my birthday and all, I started with their special blood orange martini that was so refreshing and perfectly shaken, that I'm pretty sure time actually stopped."

That's awesome!

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